No matter what the religion, there's always someone with something to say against it. Here is where you will find those people, and what they have to say. If you have an "Opposing Views" website you wish to submit, please submit it to one of the subcategories listed if your site will fit under one of them. If your site is about a religion not listed, submit it to this category, and a subcategory will be made for that religion upon acceptance of your site.
Web pages that challenge Agnosticism are placed in this category.
The main focus of the page should be AGAINST Agnosticism, rather than the promotion of another belief system. This is not to say that the page cannot do both, however, if the primary purpose is promoting another belief, then the specific category for those beliefs would be more appropriate.
We're in a category that lists sites opposed to various cults.. The "Cult" subcategory lists those groups which are opposed to various religions they deem "cults". These groups are generally called "Anti-Cult", but their subcategory is named "Cult", because that's what they're opposed to.
This is not an accurate sub-category there should only be cults-that is like saying there should be a category for dogs and dogs in Utah only -it's the same I want to concentrate on the right category and build that up accurately. This should be deleted
This category is for websites critical to Atheism.
Websites in favour of Atheism should be submitted in Atheism
A Course in Miracles is described by its original publisher, the Foundation for Inner Peace, as "a self-study spiritual thought system." The book was "scribed" by a clinical and research psychologist, Dr. Helen Schucman, through a process of inner dictation which she identified as coming from Jesus. Collaborating in the seven-year effort was her associate, Dr. William Thetford. A Course in Miracles was first published in 1975. There are presently over one million copies in circulation worldwide.
This category is for sites containing analysis, comment, review or discussion critical of ''A Course in Miracles.''

Sites featuring solid objective argument of an academic nature are preferred.

Information and opinions on the Baha'i religion from Non-Baha'i sources.
This category includes sites that disagree with Christian beliefs or view Christianity, Christians or particular denominations in a negative way. Views discussing philosophical, ethical or moral shortcomings of Christian leaders or denominations are accepted, particularly if written by non-Christians.

You may find sites written by members of one Christian denomination criticizing another denomination within the denominational subcategories here. However, sites criticizing a denomination by other members of the denomination should be listed within the category for that denomination within Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Denominations and not within this Opposing Views area.

This is an area mainly for sites with non-Christian viewpoints.

Sites by Christians opposing another Christian group may be submitted within the subcategory here for the group being criticized.

Sites by members of a denomination criticizing that group should be listed within the category for that denomination within Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity Denominations and not within this Opposing Views area. For example, a Catholic criticizing his own church might submit to Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Denominations: Catholicism: Issues.

This category is only for site criticizing the bible code or other holy book code theories. Sites supporting these beliefs should be submitted to
Fourth Way is a metaphysical system of thought purportedly brought to the Western world by George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff with the assistance of mathematician and mystic Petyr Demianovich Ouspensky. The movement has become factionalized. This category is for criticism of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, followers, factions, and the movement in general.
For anti-masonry sites.
This category contains websites which are critical to Islam or to Islamic Movements. Included are critical views expressed by non-Muslims on Islam, as well as criticism of members of one Islamic group concerning another Islamic group. Some movements regard themselves as Islamic while mainstream Muslims do not recognise them as such. Based on their self-perception, and irrespective of whether such movements are considered in line with Islamic teachings, such movements are listed in the category Islam, and are opposed here as "criticism on a movement that considers itself Islamic".
Please submit sites critical to the Ahmadiyya Movement here.
Both branches have some internal differences:
This category contains sites that either directly oppose or openly question concepts, teachers or groups uniquely identified with the New Age movement. The New Age movement is a 'holistic' movement, a diverse collection of people who share not so much one set of beliefs, but rather an optimistic faith in the future, a belief in personal and spiritual growth, and an open-mindedness towards non-traditional forms of spirituality. While the term 'new age' is often misappropriated to mean 'any kind of new spirituality', the roots of most new age beliefs are firmly based in one or more established religions. New Age beliefs are often described as a 'fusion' or 'blend' of some aspects of different established religions. Many New Age sites or entities will have elements of Christianity or, often, Eastern religions and/or earth-based religions. It is very difficult to pin down what is, and what is not "New Age", particularly as the term is sometimes used in a derogatory sense by those opposed. Common themes which underpin just about all New Age topics, however, are the belief in some kind of supreme being or beings, and an emphasis on taking personal responsibility for one's life rather than relying upon set rituals or belief systems.
Please submit only sites that either directly oppose or openly question concepts, teachers or groups uniquely identified with the New Age movement.
This one's difficult because people opposed to Paganism generally lump it together with Wicca, Witchcraft, Satanism, New Age, Humanism etc. So many of the sites in this category will cover several religions, or will not define them the way their practitioners do.
This category is for views directly in opposition to Pantheism. Views discussing philosophical, ethical or moral short comings of Pantheism are also accepted. Please try not to religion bash.
If the site is Pantheist and not Opposing View, please submit it in Pantheism.
This category is intended for sites voicing opposition to or criticism of small independent religious or spiritual communities usually with a single charismatic leader.
This category covers the controversies surrounding this "religion." Including links to sites opposed to Scientology with explanations as to why they are against it.
If your site is critical of L. Ron Hubbard, but not an objection based on his spirituality, character, or religion, please consider whether submitting it to Arts: Literature: Genres: Science Fiction: Authors: H: Hubbard, L. Ron would be a better choice.
This category is for views opposing Taoism. Views discussing philosophical, ethical or moral short comings of Taoism are also accepted. As always, please try not to religion bash.
Please submit Taoism sites directly in Taoism.

The Transcendental Meditation program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi claims to be a scientific non-religious meditation technique which promotes health and increases intelligence.

This category lists sites critical of Maharishi's programs and claims.

Opposing Unitarianism and or Universalism.
Sites expressing views in opposition to Yoga or to teachers of Yoga.