Prayer in Islam is very important. One has to remember God, ask Him for guidance, for help. Prayer in Islam, is not limited to rituals. If one earns money, with the intention to live lawfully, rightfully, gratefully, and to be able to feed himself his/her dependants; he is praying. Actually the word used for prayer: "Ebadah", means being a servant to God. Abd, the origin, means servant. With these in mind, the prayer may take also specific forms, where a servant, a muslim directs his/her body, goods, money, spirit towards The Creator. His body, in the prayer called Salaat (Standing, sitting, putting the forehead on the ground solely in front of God, and reading from the Quran) His money, in the prayer called Zakaat (Giving alms), His body and money, in the prayer called Hajj (Pilgrimage), Of course, these and other prayers have real meaning if the intention is pure, the spirit is directed to The Lord. The prayers in Islam may be classified also as obligatory ones, and voluntary ones.