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Please submit only sites containing substantive and relevant information concerning the Cthulu mythos.
This category contains sites that promote the Cthulhu mythos and provide information surrounding the Cthulu religion.
"Like all religions, the Holy Religion of the Invisible Pink Unicorn is based upon both Logic and Faith. We have Faith that She is Pink; we Logically know that She is Invisible, because we can't see Her." - Unknown
Please only submit websites specified in the category description. Websites specific to the Jedi Religion on census forms should be submitted to and websites specific to the Star Wars version of Jediism should be sent to
This category is for non-humorous, non-Star Wars-specific websites related to Jediism.

Please submit websites specific to the Pastafarian Religion, aka The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Websites which do not focus mainly on Pastafarianism will not be included in this category.

This category includes works which deal with any aspect of the fictional religion known as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, also called Pastafarianism. We place a particularly high value on sites which include unique content not found on any other listed Pastafarian site, as well as sites which expand upon and explain the religion in further detail.

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