Magick -- the popularity of the writings of Aleister Crowley and his post-Theosophical mystical preferences have influenced modern spelling conventions such that today more often than not stage MAGIC is differentiated from esoteric and occult MAGICK. this is the standard form accepted by DMOZ editors to cover the range of subject topics related to rituals, spells, ceremonial and other types of magick.
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A late 20th century tradition of ceremonial magic deriving in large part from A. O. Spare, Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant and Discordianism. Its major exponents are Peter Carroll, and Phil Hine. The boundaries are sometimes difficult to define and much modern ceremonial magic writing may be considered to fall in this category by some.
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Enochian Magick is a system of magick that sprang from a series of skrying sessions or “Spirit Actions” conducted by two Englishmen, Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley, in the decade of the 1580s aera vulgari. Over the course of these sessions a number of angels, communicating by sight and sound with Edward Kelley, revealed a system of classification of the universe based on figurative, mathematical and linguistic lines. Implicit in this is a system of magickal attainment. Although Dee and Kelley apparently never fully explored the possibilities of the practical side of this magick, in later times the manuscript and printed records have been interpreted and used in many ways, most notably by S.L. MacGregor Mathers as part of the system of initiation of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and by Aleister Crowley and the A.’.A.’.
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Necromancy is the act of conjuring the dead for divination. It dates back to Persia, Greece and Rome, and in the Middle Ages was widely practiced by magicians, sorcerers, and witches. Necromancy is not to be confused with conjuring devils or demons for help. Necromancy is the seeking of the spirits of the dead. The spirits are sought because they, being without physical bodies, are no longer limited by the earthly plane.
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