Words cannot describe the Tao and the Tao cannot be named. That which is eternal is unnameable. Naming is the basis of things. -- Lao Tsu, Taoist sage Enlightenment is the complete awareness of life without mental modifications. There's no thought, no self, no jiva, all of this goes away. But at the same time, it's within the world, within the form, the stillness and the substance are really the same thing. -- Frederick Lenz When we ask what Buddha nature is, it immediately vanishes. -- Shunryu Suzuki - Founder of the San Francisco Zen Center These descriptions point to something that is outside our daily experience. Sages have pointed to it for thousands of years. But their words are like the finger that points at the moon. If you focus on the finger then you will never see the moon. Enlightenment cannot be described in words because it is a state that is beyond words. It is touched in the momentary space between thoughts or the pause between two breaths. But these brief experiences are merely the beginning of a journey of personal exploration and transformation. This category is meant to provide the seeker with a starting place for their own personal journey of enlightenment. Sites submitted to this category should be non-denominational or multi-denominational. Sites that focus on a specific enlightenment tradition, such as Buddhism or Advaita Vedanta, should be submitted to the category for that tradition.
Due to the broad and unquantifiable nature of the topic, sites of general interest and sites that aid further exploration are appropriate. Sites more specific in nature should consider submitting to one of the sub-categories or elsewhere in the directory. There are other Open Directory categories for spiritual teachers and personal experiences that would be more appropriate if your submission is not enlightenment-specific.
A Course in Miracles is described by its original publisher, the Foundation for Inner Peace, as "a self-study spiritual thought system." The book was "scribed" by a clinical and research psychologist, Dr. Helen Schucman, through a process of inner dictation which she identified as coming from Jesus. Collaborating in the seven-year effort was her associate, Dr. William Thetford. A Course in Miracles was first published in 1975. There are presently over one million copies in circulation worldwide.
This category is for sites containing ''A Course in Miracles'' content. ''Miracles'' sites with no specific connection to ''A Course in Miracles'' should be submitted to a different category.

As a general guideline, sites in this category contain a greater percentage of original ''A Course in Miracles'' content than off-topic, non-specific spiritual, reprinted or linked material.

An exception is made for sites which fall under the ACIM ''Discussions'' and ''Personal Webpages'' sub-categories. Please see the descriptions or submission forms for those sub-categories for more details.

Enlightenment Intensives were developed by Charles Berner in the 1960's. The 3 day intensives use Dyad communication techniques and contemplation to assist participants to have a direct experience of who they really are.
Submit only sites related to Dyad Enlightenment Intensives.
This category is for teachers of enlightenment. Teachers who are within a particular religion are classified in that religion.
If the teacher is associated with a particular religion, e.g., Buddhism, for faster inclusion in the directory please submit the site to that religion, and not here.