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Submission Notice for Deism/Chats and Forums

1. Sites must be active and primarily dedicated to Deism and Deist content.

2. Sites with more than Chat and Forums should be submitted to a higher level category (Deism or Deism Organizations).

3. Atheist or Agnostic sites should be submitted to their own categories.

Category Description for Deism/Chats and Forums

Discussion groups, bulletin boards, and chat dedicated primarily to Deism.

Submission Notice for Deism/Founding Fathers Debate

This is a Deism category and sites should be focused on whether the founding fathers of the United States of America were Deists.

More general sites dealing with issues of Church and State can be submitted to Society/Issues/Church-State_Relations.

Category Description for Deism/Founding Fathers Debate

Sites affirming or contesting whether the founding fathers of the United States of America were Deists.

Submission Notice for Deism: Organizations

A few points from the ODP guidelines:

• Is the site current? Does it appear to be well-maintained?
• Does the site contain useful content? Is it content-rich?
• Does the site appeal to a broad range of users? Does it provide diversity to the category?
• Are the site''s contents not currently covered in the category?

Category Description for Deism: Organizations

This category is for official Deist organizations.
Sites, including weblogs, by individual Deists.
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