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Please check carefully to ensure submissions are made to the most correct category within the Prophecy related categories. Other issues should be submitted to the most correct category in ODP. Non Christian prophecies should be submitted to Religion_and_Spirituality/Prophecies.
Listings here concern the timing of the fulfillment of all the End Times prophecies made in the Book of Revelation. These views are frequently called Book of Revelation Views. The four main views are Futurism, Historicism, Preterism, and Idealism. Frequently listing here will include more than just the Book of Revelation.
Sites including definitions of such as Book of Revelation Views, Futurism, Preterism, Historicism, and Idealism should be submitted to End Times. Sites dealing with only one or promoting a specific Millennial View, including its sub categories, should be submitted to that view and if applicable the specific sub category of that view. All other sites should be submitted to the appropriate category of the ODP.
The Millennium is the 1,000 year reign of Christ referred to in the Bible. Millennial Views are how different End Times Eschatology camps see the events of the End Times occurring in reference to Millennium. This category is only for sites defining and comparing all the Millennium Views.
End Times Prophetic Ministries that offer online services only should be submitted to Online Ministries here. Non End Times oriented Prophecy should be submitted to Prophecy. Other Christian ministries shall be submitted to Ministries, one of its sub categories, or links as appropriate and per Description. Non-Christian ministries shall be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Religion_and_Spirituality.
To submit a site here it: 1. Must declare itself to be and actually be a Christian ministry to be considered. 2. Must be a recognized organization as in declaring non-profit status or religious organization membership. 3. Must offer a service to the physical real world. This would include teaching, evangelism, food pantries, conferences, studies, counseling, and so on. 4. Must be dominately End Times Prophecy oriented.
Other news sites should be submitted to the appropriate categories elsewhere in the ODP.
Sites dealing with the news of the day in the light of End Times Christian prophecies.
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