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If your Conference/Event is for a specific country or region only, please think about submitting your site to the respective "Regional" category.

Please make sure that in the description of the site, you state who the event/conference is for, where it is situated including city and country, and the date(s).

If the web site is about a Christian ministry that runs events rather than the events themselves, please submit to .../Christianity/Organizations/Ministries instead.

This category is for listing various sites for events and conferences for Christian Youth. They can be for any region or groups of people.
Please submit sites for youth groups that actually exist in a locality and meet in a physical location somewhere to the appropriate subcategory in /Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/People/Teens/Youth_Groups.
This category is for youth groups that exist only on the internet.
Groups which are part of a national or international interdominational or nondenominational group should be listed in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Organizations/Youth. Groups which are part of a denominational group should be submitted to the proper denomination.
Websites about local teen programs run by various churches. Groups which are listed here are not associate with any organization outside of the church.
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