Sites about St. Tassach, fifth-century bishop of Raholp, in County Down.
Sites dedicated to St. Tatwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, who died in 734.
Sites related to St. Teilo, a cousin of St. David. He was widely revered in Wales.
Sites pertaining to St. Ternan, an early bishop of the Picts.
St. Tewdric was a Welsh prince, hermit, and warrior. Probably sixth century.
Sites devoted to St. Thecla, a Benedictine who was called from Dorset by St. Boniface to serve as abbess of Ochsenfurt.
Sites related to St. Theodore of Studium, commonly called Theodore Studites, a Byzantine monk, hymn-writer, and defender of the holy ikons. St. Theodore died in 826.
Information on St. Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, also known as Thomas à Becket and St. Thomas of Canterbury. He was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral on 29 December 1170 by four of King Henry II's knights.
Information on the St. Timothy who was a companion of the Apostle Paul.
Information on St. Trumwin, a seventh-century missionary bishop of the Picts.