Information on St. Samson, a Welsh monk and miracle-worker who was made a bishop. He died in about 565.
Sites related to St. Seachnall, fifth-century bishop and poet.
Sites related to St. Sebastian, a Roman martyr who had attracted a cultus by the mid-fourth century. His feast day is 20 January.
Sites pertaining to St. Sexburga, Queen of Kent, foundress of the Abbey of Minster, and Abbess of Ely. She died in about 699.
Sites devoted to St. Stephen, deacon, the first Christian martyr.
This St. Susanna was a virgin martyr of the Diocletian persecution. Her feast is 11 August in the West, and 6 June in the East.
Information on St. Swithbert, a bishop also known as Suitbert. Born in England, Swithbert was a missionary companion of St. Willibrord, and evangelized the Frisians. He died near Dusseldorf in 713.
Sites related to St. Swithin, Bishop of Winchester, who died in 862.