Roman martyrs of the Diocletian persecution. Marcellinus was a priest, and Peter, an exorcist. They are remembered in the Roman canon. Feast day: 2 June.
Sites about St. Maelrubha, an Irish monk, missionary to the Picts. He was martyred by Danish Vikings in 722.
Information on St. Malo, a Welsh missionary who is associated with St. Brendan.
This St. Mamas was from Caesarea, and was martyred c. 275 in the Valerian persecution. He is mentioned by SS. Gregory of Nazianzus and Basil. His memory is celebrated 17 August in the West, and 2 September in the East.
Sites dedicated to St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland. She died in 1092.
There is at least one other St. Maro, but this St. Maro was a fifth-century hermit. St. John Chrysostom thought highly of him. St. Maro is also called Maron or Maroun, and is considered the father of the Maronites.
Information on St. Martin of Tours, the first person to be called a saint who was not also a martyr. Martin was by turns a soldier, monk, and bishop. Along with St. Anthony (of Egypt), Martin was one of the most popular saints in the early Church.
Information about St. Maximus the Confessor, a theologian and monk who died in 662.
There are at least two saints named Meletius. This St. Meletius was bishop of Antioch, and died while presiding at the Third Council of Constantinople, in 381. Because he was involved in the Antiochene Schism (two Catholic bishops were appointed at the same time) and because he was at first supported and later exiled by the Arians, this St. Meletius is sometimes confused with his contemporary Meletius of Lycopolis, the driving force in the Meletian Schism, which was backed by the Arians.
Sites devoted to St. Mellitus, Archbishop of Canterbury. He died in 624.
Sites devoted to, or with information about Saint Michael the Archangel.
Sites devoted to, or with information about Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustine.
Various resources for information on the Blessed Virgin Mary.