Information on the Blessed John Dominici, a Dominican cardinal, diplomat, and poet of the Renaissance.
Sites related to Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth-century English anchoress, mystic, and author.
Sites related to St. Jerome, a great Bible scholar, with an irascible personality.
Information on St. John Chrysostom, bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church. This acclaimed preacher died in 407.
Sites devoted to, or with information about Pope Saint John I.
Sites on St. John of Beverley, monk, bishop of York. He died in 721.
Information on St. John of Damascus, also known as St. John Damascene, the last of the Greek Fathers. This Syrian theologian, honored as a Doctor of the Church, died in about 749.
Sites related to St. Justin Martyr, an early second-century convert and apologist who went about dressed as a philosopher, because Christianity is the true philosophy.
St. Justus was the first bishop of Rochester, and later became the fourth archbishop of Canterbury. He died in about 627.