Sites by or about St. Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, a firm anti-Docetist, martyred around the year 107.
Information on St. Ignatius of Constantinople, son of Emperor Michael I. Ignatius was a monk and bishop who opposed iconoclasm. He died in 877.
Information on St. Illtyd, a saint popular in Wales, whose feast day is 7 February.
St. Ina, also called Ine or Ini, was king of the West Saxons, and died in 728.
Sites related to St. Irenaeus, second-century bishop of Lyons, who is considered the first Christian systematic theologian.
There are at least five saints named Irene who are venerated in the West. This St. Irene, the Virgin and Great-Martyr, is more popular in the East. According to legend, her father Licinius, angered at her conversion, planned to have her trampled by horses. Irene's prayers saved him from death and led him to conversion. She was later martyred at Ephesus.

The time frame varies. Some say she was baptized by Timothy, but if this is the companion of Paul, she could hardly have died in the Diocletian persecution (c. 300), as others say.

Her feast day is 5 May.

Information on St. Isidore, early seventh-century bishop of Seville, and Doctor of the Church.