Sites related to St. George, soldier and martyr. He attracted a cultus early on, and was very popular in the Middle Ages. St. George is the patron of Georgia (naturally), England, Canada, Greece, Germany, Moscow, and the Boy Scouts.
Details on St. Gerald, a Northumbrian abbot who died in about 732.
Sites related to the St. Germain, or Germanus, who was bishop of Auxerre, and died around 448.
Sites dedicated to St. Gilbert of Sempringham, founder of a religious order for men and women. He died at a ripe old age in 1189.
Sites devoted to St. Gildas, a sixth-century monk regarded as the earliest British historian.
Sites dedicated to the Gobán Saor, a seventh-century figure famed as a mason and architect. He is credited with building some of Ireland's churches and round towers.
Information on St. Gregory of Nazianzus, also known as Gregory Nazianzen and as Gregory the Theologian. One of the Cappadocian Fathers.
Sites related to St. Gregory of Tours, sixth-century bishop, hagiographer, historian.
Sites on St. Guthlac, an English hermit who died in 714.