St. Eanswyth founded the first convent in England. She died in about 640.
Sites related to St. Eata, bishop of Hexham, d. 686.
Information on St. Edmund Rich, also called Edme, also called Edmund of Abingdon. This Archbishop of Canterbury died in 1240.
Information on St. Edmund, King of East Anglia and martyr, who died in 870.
St. Edward the Confessor was King of England, and died in 1066.
St. Edward the Martyr was King of England, and was murdered in 979.
St. Edwin was the first Christian king of Northumbria. He died in 633.
Information on St. Egbert, a monk from Northumbria, who died in 729.
Sites pertinent to St. Egwin, bishop of Worcester, who died in about 717.
St. Elfleda, a Northumbrian, succeeded St. Hilda as abbess of Whitby, and died in 714.
Sites about St. Elined, late fifth-century British virgin and martyr. She is also called Lynette or Enid.
Sites devoted to St. Elizabeth of Hungary, a princess and Third Order Franciscan who died in 1231 at the age of 23.
St. Elphege, or Alphege, the Martyr was Archbishop of Canterbury. He was taken hostage in a Danish raid, but refused to pay ransom, and so was killed in 1012.
Sites about St. Erchard, a fifth-century missionary to the Picts.
Information on St. Erconwald, a seventh-century monk, bishop of London.
Erik IX was King of Sweden. In Swedish, he is known as "Erik den helige," "Erik the saint." He was murdered in Uppsala on 18 May, 1160.
Sites dedicated to King St. Ethelbert of East Anglia, murdered in 794.
King St. Ethelbert of Kent converted to Christianity as an adult. He died in 616.
All about St. Etheldreda, Queen of Northumbria, founder of the double monastery at Ely, patron saint of Cambridge University. She died in 679.
Information on St. Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, d. 984.
Information on St. Eulalia of Barcelona, martyr, a patron saint of sailors.