Sites related to St. David, or Dewi, a sixth-century missionary who is the patron saint of Wales.
Information on St. Deiniol, sixth-century monastic founder.
Information on St. Deusdedit, the first Anglo-Saxon Archbishop of Canterbury. He died in 664.
Devenick was sent from Whithorn as a missionary to the Picts. He died in 877.
Sites about St. Dinooth, sixth-century abbot, founder of Bangor on the Dee.
Information on St. Dominic, thirteenth-century founder of the Order of Preachers.
Sites dedicated to St. Donnan, an Irish monastic founder, martyred with his monks on Easter Saturday in about 618.
St. Drithelm (or Drythelm) was a monk of Melrose who died in about 700. He is mentioned by the Venerable Bede.
Sites related to St. Drostan, a Scottish monk and hermit of the sixth century.
Sites about St. Dunchadh, abbot of Iona, d. 717.
Information on St. Dunstan, tenth-century monk and Archbishop of Canterbury.
Sites dedicated to St. Dwynwen, patron saint of Welsh lovers.
Sites about St. Dyfrig. He was already very popular in the seventh century, and became shrouded in legend.