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Please do *not* offer sites here which are individual family websites. Try Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Personal_Pages/Families

Only offer sites which are family-oriented organizations, ministries and family resource sites.

Offering a site to the wrong category will only delay an editor reviewing the site for possible inclusion in the directory.

We retain the right not to list a site in the directory.

This category provides links to family-oriented organizations, ministries and family resource sites. This is not a category for individual family web sites.
Category for Christian sites of interest to kids. Sites in this category are not only Christian sites, they focus on Christianity or contain a Christian message such as "God is love" or "Jesus loves you". Sites listed here will have an have a target audience of children under 13.
Please DO NOT submit personal home pages here. Instead, submit them to Christianity - Personal Homepages.
Resources for Christian men, about men and men's issues and most often provided by Christian men.

Submit sites that would be of interest to Native American or First Nations Christian people.

If the site you wish to submit is American Indian but primarily Traditional in theme, please submit it here.

If your site is by white people who spiritually admire American Indian ways, please submit it here.

If your site is about "shamans" or offers to sell any religious services, do NOT put it here either. Submit it here.

Sites that are by or about the indigenous peoples of North America with a focus on Christianity.
Please submit sites here if they are relevant to a person or group of people recognized as saints or "blessed" in more than one Christian "denomination."
Information on people who are venerated as saints (or "blessed") in more than one Christian tradition.
The focus of this category is for ministry outreach and organizations for unmarried Christians. Personals and dating services are not accepted here and should be submitted instead to the Dating category.
Sites and resources focusing on ministry outreach to unmarried male and female Christians.
If your Conference/Event is for a specific country or region only, please think about submitting your site to the respective "Regional" category.

Please make sure that in the description of the site, you state who the event/conference is for, where it is situated including city and country, and the date(s).

If the web site is about a Christian ministry that runs events rather than the events themselves, please submit to .../Christianity/Organizations/Ministries instead.

There is currently no description created for this category.
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