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Gospel Hip-Hop MP3 links featuring MP3 radio stations and Artist MP3 sites.
Because of the number of very small labels which appear, and disappear, overnight, businesses listed here are selected because they represent multiple artists, conduct business in a particular city, and distribute their CDs in stores as well as from their web site.

Note: Indipendent Rap labels may be accepted on a case by case basis. Example label has pid hosting and a top domain or free hosting and a sub domain. It is up to the editors best judgement and the quality of the website. Their are some quality indipendent labels with free hosting.

If you are interested in finding listings of labels which arose to promote individual work, the category for such labels is:


For companies that promote artists, and represent the independent CDs created by the artists they promote (but are not record labels for other reasons), also check out


For companies which distribute music, both through the web and to stores worldwide, check out the category


mp3 labels, and places which offer web resources for artists are listed partially under


Here you will find businesses whose primary work is the creation of CDs, LPs, or other audio media, and who represent a number of different Christian artists, in either Hip-Hop or Rap music.
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