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No individual bands, artists, groups or performers will be accepted here. Please select the appropriate genre classification from the styles listed in the subcategories.
Umbrella category for Christian bands, artists, groups and performers, classified according to genre.

No individual bands or artists will be listed here.

Discussion forums for Christian music: message boards, chat rooms, IRC#, and e-mail groups.
Categories devoted to the music of a specific Christian denomination.
Please submit sites of people known as hymn writers or composers. If the person is mainly known for tunes rather than texts, s/he may be already listed under Arts: Music: Composition: Composers and the submission should be made to that category.
Hymns are primarily songs sung by congregations in worship. Unlike "anthems", the music is short--2 to 12 lines or so, with 4 to 8 lines being most common--and the text is divided into stanzas, with the music repeated for each stanza. There is some content overlap with the "Gospel Music" category, which is more oriented toward "concert to audience" performance. "Chant," a very distinct musical style, is a separate category. "Carols"--a similar style with overlapping content, but more social than congregational in use--may be found either here or in the related "Carols" category. "Anthems" don't really have a home yet. Sites may contain hymn texts (lyrics), music written or used for hymns (midi files; or scores in graphic or other format) historical information about the origin or use of this music (hymnology); advertisements for hymnals, recordings, or indexes; indexes/links to printed or internet resources. Site descriptions begin with bracketed keywords including type of content (midi, scores, lyrics, links, indexes, hymnology); Hymnal names; styles (shape notes); denomination or nation (Baptist, Wesleyan, Lutheran, Canada, England, etc.) [feedback on the keywords--value or implementation--is welcome!]
Subcat of Music. Do not submit sties to this category.
Subcat of Music. Do not submit sites to this category.
This category is for websites or pages that address controversies about music from a Christian perspective.
Features sites containing lyrics to Christian music whether popular or original works.
Submit only to this category if you can not find another appropriate category to submit to. Submit sites that are for associations, organizations, and societies of Christian music and musicians. All quality sites will be considered.
Associations, organizations, and societies specializing in some aspect of Christian music. Most music organizations are non-profit in status, and all have regular meetings and / or conferences and a board of directors who oversee operations.
Submit only sites that are in the business of producing music and/or music videos for Christian artists. Recording studios that specialize in recording Christian artists should be submitted to that sub-category.
Professional companies, independent producers, video directors, audio engineers, all who have something to do with recording music or producing Christian music videos.
This category is for sites that sell anything related to Christianity and to music.
Please add only sites relating to Christian MP3 music to this category and/or sub-categories. If the site is based around a single artist or group, then please submit to a subcategory of .../Christianity/Music/Bands_and_Artists/.
This area is for sound file collections and online archives of Christian music, full-length songs only, please. This area is NOT for streaming content or online radio stations.
Do not submit to this category.

No individual bands, artists, groups, instrumentalists or any other kinds of performers are accepted to the main category. All are listed according to music style. Please select the appropriate subcategory for your site according to the style of music you perform.

This category is for sites about particular types of music.
The main focus of the blog should be about Christian music. If it isn''t, you should submit it to Society/People/Personal_Homepages/Weblogs/. If the blog covers a single band or artist, it probably belongs in that band or artist''s category.
A Christian music weblog (blog) is run by an individual (or a small group of individuals) and covers topical issues in and around Christian music. Weblogs are updated regularly and disseminate both fact and opinion online. A Christian music weblog is not constrained to a particular musical style or focus but offers simply a writer's opinions on musical activities in a timely fashion.
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