This is a category for sites about Christian educational institutions including home schooling. It does not include Sunday Schools or other youth ministries of the church.
This category contains sites about non-denominational and ecumenical schools. It also links to categories about schools that belong to specific denominations.

Sites about a school or curriculum belonging to a particular denomination should be submitted to the category for that denomination.

A listing of quality Christian colleges and universities.
This category is for colleges and other organisation that teach Christian theology, and/or the Christian faith by distance learning (sometimes called 'Correspondence Courses').
Please only include colleges or departments that offer courses on Christianity. Christian colleges offering a variety of subjects taught from a Christian perspective should be submitted elsewhere.

This category is for sites where most of the content refers to distance learning. If the site is about residential or on-site courses as well, it belongs in the main category instead.

This category is for sites about Christian schooling for grades K-12. It will include Christian schools and sites about resources for Christian schooling.
Sites dealing with Christian homeschooling should be sent to Reference/Education/K_through_12/Home_Schooling/Religious/Christian. Sites offering books and other items for sale should be sent to Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Shopping.
This category is for Methodist Educational sites.
For those educational institutions which are concerned with preparation of students for the ministry.