Seventh-day Adventism is a fast-growing international Christian denomination of over eight million members. Its origins are in the interfaith Millerite movement of the 1840s. After the "Great Disappointment" of 1844 which marked the end of Miller's calculations of the date of Jesus' Second Coming, many left the movement. Those that remained--among them James and Ellen White and Joseph Bates--became convinced that Jesus had begun a special ministry in heaven. They remained expectant, however, for his soon return, as Adventists remain to this day. From humble New England beginnings in buggies and camp meetings, "adventists" carried out a strong literature and revivalist program which rapidly increased their numbers. Influence from Seventh-day Sabbath-keeping Baptists introduced that doctrine to the church, and Adventist acceptance of it has been an identifying mark ever since. The denomination was organized with its present name in 1863. Since 1874, when J. N. Andrews was sent as a missionary to Switzerland, Adventists have been increasingly active internationally. Presently, there are members on all inhabited continents, in over 200 countries. Adventist health ministries also started early, with the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Today the church operates hundreds of hospitals, clinics, aid centers, and medical training sites. Christian education has also been a key part of the Adventist experience. The first network of Adventist-sponsored schools was organized in 1872, and has grown to encompass elementary, secondary, tertiary, and post-graduate institutions.
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Official sites connected with the Euro-Asia Division
This category contains link to organizations that in some way identify as "Seventh-day Adventist" but whose teachings differ from the official Seventh-day Adventist church. Some of these are reform movements calling for stricter standards of Christian conduct, and others are more liberal movements that find the Seventh-day Adventist teachings too narrow for their views. Many are no longer connected with the official Adventist church, while others may retain a connection while promoting a narrow emphasis that does not reflect the emphasis of the official church body.
This category is for sites about Seventh-day Adventist health services, programs, advice, and about doctrines which relate to health.
Sites dealing with the history of the Seventh-day Adventist church, historical events, historical publications, etc. Includes sites focusing on certain historical events, such as the 1888 conference.
Ministries who identify as Adventist while not supporting the official church.
This category is for Seventh-day Adventist Missions.
Adventist programs on radio and TV, as well as Adventist-owned stations. Magazines and newsletters.
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Category is for Programs and Services provided directly by the Seventh-day Adventist church -- on the GC, Union, Conference or local level. It is also appropriate for programs and services which, though not directly provided by a church entity, are partially supported by a church entity.
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Independent ministries supporting the doctrines and goals of the world-wide work of the Seventh-day Adventist church.