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Please be sure to submit only sites of institutions that are officially endorsed, i.e. listed by the Department of Christian Higher Education.
This category is a listing of Colleges and Universities that are officially endorsed by the Assemblies of God.

Bitte melden Sie deutschsprachige Sites nicht hier, sondern unter World/Deutsch/Regional/Deutschland/Gesellschaft/Religion_und_Spiritualität/Christentum/Konfessionen an.

(the paragraph above is a notice to submitters of German-language sites.)

Your local church should be listed in Regional/ as well as in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity. Please go to Regional: Europe: Germany: States. Choose the state in which you are located. If there is a subcategory for your town, go there. If there is a Society and Culture subcategory, this is where you should submit your site; otherwise submit to the category for your city or state.

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