The United Methodist Church is the largest of the churches of the Wesleyan tradition. Originating in the United States under the leadership of John Wesley and Francis Asbury, it is now growing most rapidly in Africa and has a significant presence throughout the world. The UMC is the successor in the United States to the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren, which merged in the 1960s.
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The United Methodist Church ministers to college and universities through a variety of campus ministries. Most work under the name of Wesley Foundation. In this directory, one can also find campus ministries under the city or county where that ministry is based.
These are the official sites for the top denominational boards, commissions, and councils.
This category is for sites about various local congregations. It includes directories.
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This category is for periodicals that are either produced by a part of the United Methodist connection or are produced for United Methodists. Periodicals of a regional nature should be submitted to the appropriate category under Regional: .
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The United Methodist Church is broken up regionally into Jurisdictions and Central Conferences. Jurisdictions are further broken down into Annual Conferences, followed by Districts.
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Find sites that promote personal Christian growth, confession of Jesus Christ, sound Biblical teaching, and Holy Spirit revival within The United Methodist Church.
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According to the Book of Discipline, youth are ages 12-18.
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