The word Synod is from the Greek "journey together" with the connotation of a convocation. A coming together for a common purpose. In the Lutheran Church it is commonly used to denote a particular denomination within the churches that adhere to the Christian doctrine developed during the Reformation springing from the reforms that Martin Luther attempted, unsuccessfully to have implemented in the Roman Catholic Church. The Lutheran Church is, generally speaking a congregational church, that is to say that the fundamental authority lies with the individual congregation and not with the synodical hierarchy. Disputes over the role of the hierarchy and doctrinal issues have lead to the development of numerous bodies taking upon themselves the mantle of Luther.
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Lutheran Synods in Africa
The denomination of Lutheranism known as the American Association of Lutheran Churches, its congregations and educational institutions.
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Lutheran Synods in Asia
A denomination of Lutheranism in North America being the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.
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Lutheran Synods in the Caribbean
Synodical bodies and information.
Synodical bodies and information.
Lutheran Synods in Europe.
Sites related to the Lutheran denomination known as the Evengalical Lutheran church in America. It is in fellowship with the related church body, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.
Sites about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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Synodical site of the ELCSA.
sites about the Evangilical Lutheran Synod or its local congregations. This church body is in fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
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The Church body of Scandinavian Lutheran origin.
This Christian denomination is a direct result of the Protestant Reformation begun in 1517 by Martin Luther in Wittenberg, Germany. Lutheran Church-Canada was founded in 1988 when the Canadian congregations of the St. Louis based Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod formed an autonomous Canadian church comprising 325 congregations organized in three districts. The Synodical office is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, while the offices of the Alberta-British Columbia District are in Edmonton, Alberta; the Central District in Regina, Saskatchewan; and East District in Kitchener, Ontario. The denomination retains close ties with the LC-MS. The two church bodies are in fellowship and work cooperatively in missions and other synodical endeavours with other Lutheran church bodies around the world that follow the Biblically-based Lutheran Confessions.
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Concerns the Lutheran Denomination know as the Lutheran Church of Australia, its related organizations, congregations and churches.
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This category deals with all aspects of the church bocy known as the Lutheran Church of New Zealand establisehd in the 1830's by Lutherans seeking religious freedom.
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A grouping of free Lutheran Churches.
Lutheran Synods in the Middle East
Lutheran Synods in North America.
Synod formed in 2010 by Lutheran CORE (Coalition for Renewal). A confessing Lutheran body.
Sites of Synodical offices and official arms of the Lutheran denomination known as the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutherand Synod (WELS). This Synod is in fellowship with the Evangelical Luthean Synod.
Sites concernig the Synod porper and its official arms Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. This is not a categoy for anything WELS. Please consult the various category topics.