This category is for individual Lutherans throughout history.
Please submit names of famous people who have a strong Lutheran connection, either from birth and baptism or later in life. This might include composers, hymn writers, and the like. Please note that separate categories exist for theologians, composers, hymn writers, and the like. There is also a separate category for Lutheran personal pages.
Where individual Lutherans express their faith through the internet.
Submit sites by individuals and families that deal with aspects of their Lutheran faith, connections, callings, vocations, organizations or activities. If this submission is of a primarily theological nature, containing a significant amount of theological writing not duplicated in the directory, please submit it to the appropriate category under Lutheran Theology. If you are a Lutheran and you talk a bit about your congregation, your faith, or Lutheranism in general as part of a larger statement about yourself, this is the correct place to submit it.
Major influences upon Lutheran theology, from the Reformation through the present time.
This category is only for Lutheran and Lutheran-related theologians. Other Lutheran historical figures should be submitted to the general Lutheran People category.
Diary and thoughts of persons identifying as Lutherans.