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These websites with Message Boards and Chat Rooms must be for and by Jehovah''s Witnesses. They must not be negative nor allow Watchtower Bible and Tract Society bashing.
These websites feature Message Boards and Chat Rooms. The nature of these sites draws not only Jehovah's Witnesses, but opponents as well. Each site handles this differently. Some have password protected sites that required a registration process. Others may monitor the activity and edit as necessary. However, the sites listed here should be basically pro-Jehovah Witness.
For opposing views please use the separate linked category.
The category contains literature published by Watchtower Society or other organisations of Jehovah's Witnesses and independent studies and other research material with neutral or positive view.
For opposing views please use the separate category.
Jehovah's Witnesses related news, events, affairs, reported objectively and neutrally, or from the Witnesses' point of view.
This category is for personal web sites by Jehovah's Witnesses.
Utilities, software, services, and other resources unique or useful for Jehovah's Witnesses. Example: Software for organizing activities for the congregation, such as Theocratic Ministry School.
Online dating sites for Jehovah's Witnesses singles, including the sites which are primarily aimed on Jehovah's Witnesses but allow also members of other religion to join.
This is the category for official information by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. There is a separate category for opposing views, Society/Religion/Christianity/Opposing Views, so listings for web sites opposing Jehovah's Witnesses are not listed here. Other sites for, by, and about Jehovah's Witnesses are listed in the parent category and other subcategories.
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