The churches of Christ are hard to characterize beyond that they are radically congregationalist. Most can trace their evangelistic roots to the "Restoration Movement" in the early nineteenth century American frontier; but fellowship is claimed with anyone who shares their emphasis on the New Testament as an exclusive basis for practice and doctrine--particularly the paradigms for individual conversion and morality, and for congregational organization and worship. They are non-denominational in the sense that each local congregation is an autonomous, self-governing body. They do not believe in, nor do they have, a hierarchical organization that extends beyond the local congregation. Their biblical based plan of salvation is that one must hear the Gospel, believe in Christ, repent of one's sins, confess that Jesus is LORD and Savior, be baptized (immersed in water), and live a Christian life to the end. There are currently two types of churches of Christ. One worships without the accompaniment of a musical instruments (acappella) and the other worships with the accompaniment of musical instruments.
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The churches of Christ have a strong doctrinal and historical aversion to formal organizational ties. The normal functions of such organizations are assumed by individual volunteers, when their need is perceived. In a mobile society, the locations of fellow Christians in other places is such a need, and these listings are one such response. There is no office to make these directories official; they typically disclaim perfect accuracy or completeness.
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