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This category is for studies from a Christadelphian perspective. Ecumenical or general studies should be submitted to the more general Bible/Bible_Study category.
Bible studies, lessons, or Bible-based teachings from a Christadelphian perspective.
This is for chat rooms, discussion boards and similar facilities. All chat rooms should be moderated by a Christadelphian, or be about Christadelphian beliefs, to be included in this section.
Any sites that relate to local groups in the UK belong here. If your site is UK based but is about the Christadelphians in general please submit it to the main Christadelphian category.
Local groups of Christadelphians, such as individual ecclesias (ecclesia essentially means church) and other organisations, such as CYCs. Some organizations have their addresses on the sites of other geographically close groups. If you can't find what you are looking for, try a group close by. There will be very few, or no, sites suitable for listing in this level of the directory. As far as possible all 'local' sites should be in one of the subcategories of this category.
Personal home pages of Christadelphians; ecclesial pages or pages that give non-personal information are listed in other Christadelphian categories.
The booklet "Who Are The Christadelphians?" has become something of a classic, and several copies are on the Web.
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