Catholic saints and beati whose names begin with the letter A.
Information on Bl. Adrian Fortescue, a knight from a Devonshire family. He was martyred in 1539.
Information on Bl. Agnellus of Pisa, born there c. 1195, established the Franciscan Order in England, died in 1236.
Named for St. Alphonsus Liguori, Alfonso Maria Fusco was an Italian priest who founded a religious congregation for women and had special concern for orphans. He died in 1910.
Andrew Hyacinth Longhin was a Capuchin, and Bishop of Treviso. He died in 1936.
Angelo Carletti, an Observant Franciscan, was twice papal nuncio. He is best known today as a moral theologian, the author of a book on cases of conscience. He died in 1495.
The Bl. Anna Rosa Gattorno was a nineteenth-century widow, the founder of the Daughters of St. Anne.
Sites related to Anthony Page, who was executed for being an English priest. He died in 1593, and was beatified in 1987.
Bl. Artemide Zatti was born in Italy and became a Salesian lay brother in Argentina. He was a pharmacist and nurse, and served as hospital administrator. He died in 1951.
Abbo of Fleury was a Benedictine abbot, remarkable for his learning and diplomatic skills as well as his holiness. He died in 1004.
This St. Adalbert was a Benedictine monk sent as a missionary to Russia. A coup resulted in a deadly pagan attack on the would-be missionaries, and Adalbert was instead named abbot and bishop. In the latter capacity, Adalbert worked to evangelize the Slavs. He died in 981.
This St. Adelaide, or Adelheid, is a Burgundian who was married to Lothair of Provence (King of Italy). When Lothair died--some say he was murdered--Adelaide was imprisoned by his successor Berengar of Ivrea. Adelaide escaped, and married Otto of Germany. She died in 999.
Sites with information on St. Adelaide, sometimes called St. Alice, a Benedictine abbess and miracle-worker who died in 1015.
Sites with information on St. Adelaide, also called Aleydis or Alice, a thirteenth-century Cistercian.
Adrian III was elected to the papacy in 884 and died the following year. He is also called Hadrian III.
Agilulfus was an eighth-century abbot of Stavelot and, later, bishop of Cologne. He died a martyr, and his feast is 9 July.
Sites dedicated to St. Agnes of Assisi, younger sister of St. Clare, and co-founder of the Poor Clares.
Sites devoted to, or with information about Saint Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus).
St. Alexander Briant was a young priest from Somerset who had studied at Oxford. After having been tortured, he was martyred along with Edmund Campion and Ralph Sherwin on 1 December, 1581.
Sites about St. Alfwold, the last bishop of Sherborne. He died in 1058.
Sites related to St. Alnoth, an English hermit and martyr who died in about 700.
Fray Alonso de Orozco, or, in Latinized form, Alphonsus de Orozco, was a sixteenth-century Spanish Augustinian author.
Sites devoted to, or with information about, St. Aloysius Gonzaga.
Sites devoted to, or with information about Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori.
Resisted the forceful courtship of Charles, later Charlemagne. She was regarded as a miracle-worker.
Sites dedicated to St. Ambrose Barlow, an English Benedictine active in south Lancashire, in the Manchester area. He died a martyr in 1641, and was canonized in 1970.
Blessed André Bessette, better known as Brother André, was born Alfred Bessette in 1845. He took the religious name André when he joined the Congregation of the Holy Cross. Brother André served for 40 years as a porter at a secondary school in Montreal. He was greatly devoted to St. Joseph, and had the gift of healing. Brother André died in 1937 and was beatified in 1982.
St. Angela, from Seville, founded the Sisters of the Company of the Cross. She died in 1932.
Sites devoted to, or with information about Saint Angela Merici.
St. Anne Line, a convert to Catholicism, was hanged in 1601 on allegations of having harbored a priest.
Sites with information on St. Antoine Daniel, a Jesuit, one of the North American Martyrs.
Arnold Janssen founded the Society of the Divine Word. He died in 1909, and was canonized a saint in 2003.