Sites relating to the history and experience of the Catholic church and her followers.
Please submit sites that relate to the history of the Catholic church. If it relates to an ongoing issue within the Catholic church then it may be more suitably listed in Catholicism : Issues. Sites relating to groups that have split off from the Catholic Church should go into their own dedicated category. If the site relates to other churches then it may be better suited in the general Church History category.

Sites relating to specific Popes, Saints or People can best deal with these submissions.

Some effort has been made to sub-categorising this area so if the site relates to a specific area then it will be more quickly dealt with and will be better linked to the secular history topics.

This category is a guide to categories on the history of the Catholic church in various regions.
Please do not submit sites here. You can submit sites in the sub categories or in the main Catholic History area or in a subcategory here.
For Catholic History sites that are relevant to more than one region but are particular to one time period.
Please submit only to the categories for the relevant periods. This category does not hold any links.
This category is for E-Texts on the history of the Catholic church in general.
Please try to submit a link here only if you cannot find a home in the relevant region, period or topic.
Societies dedicated to the study of Catholic church history, whether tied to the church or independent of it.