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The American Baptist Association, influenced by Landmarkism, spun off from the Southern Baptists in the early 20th century. First a local association, then a national organization of Missionary Baptist churches, today the ABA is present in more than two dozen countries. They are also known as Church Equality Baptists because of their strong emphasis on the autonomy of local churches.
This category is for sites about the American Baptist Churches in the USA denomination. This group was known as the Northern Baptist Convention from 1907 - 1950 and the American Baptist Convention from 1950 - 1972. It has been known as the American Baptist Churches USA since 1972.
Sites related to the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland.
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Sites related to the Association(s) of Grace Baptist Churches, local churches of Particular Baptists in England acting in association, who are also Strict Baptists. They are Calvinistic regarding the doctrine of salvation.
Sites pertaining to Baptist Bible Fellowship International, a fundamentalist group which arose from the World Fundamental Baptist Missionary Fellowship. The BBFI places high importance on church planting and missionary work.
Sites related to the Baptist General Conference, which began with one Swedish church in Illinois in 1852, and today has about 900 churches in the U.S. and the Caribbean. The BGC broke from the American Baptist Convention in 1944 due to the Convention's participation in the National Council of Churches and its imposition of a creed.
Features churches, missions, and organizations associated with the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMAA). In 1950, the North American Baptist Association split from the American Baptist Association. At issue was the ABA's practice of seating messengers who were not members of the congregation which elected them. The present name was adopted in 1968. The BMAA is an association of independent conservative regular Baptist congregations. Like the ABA, the BMAA is a proponent of Landmarkism. The BMAA places high importance on missionary activity, and defends the eternal security of the believer.
Sites pertaining to the Baptist Union of Australia.
The Baptist Union, with headquarters in Didcot, Oxfordshire, counts some 160,000 members in about 2,150 affiliated churches.
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Sites pertaining to the Baptist Union of Scotland, a member of the Baptist World Alliance.

Canadian Baptist Ministries, formerly known as the Baptist Federation of Canada, is the coordinating agency for three geographical conventions, and one French-speaking union, in Canada:

  1. Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec
  2. Baptist Union of Western Canada
  3. Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches
  4. Union d'Eglises Baptistes Fran├žaises au Canada
This category is dedicated to the federation formed by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, the Baptist Union of Western Canada, the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, and the Union d''Eglises Baptistes Fran├žaises au Canada. It is not the correct category for Baptist ministries in Canada which are not related to that specific group of Baptist unions and conventions. Other Canadian Baptist denominations have their own categories.
Sites related to the Canadian National Baptist Convention (formerly, the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists), which arose among Regular Baptists who were unhappy with the influence of nondenominational parachurch groups and unscriptural foreign programs.
Baptist organization devoted to missions, education, religious liberty, and Baptist distinctives. Began as a grassroots movement of Baptists in May 1991. Primarily in the southern United States, consisting largely of people and churches that were or continue to be affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.
Sites related to the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, a community of about 500 local churches, with a strong emphasis on missionary activity. The FEBC Canada is one of the largest evangelical denominations in Canada.
The General Association of General Baptists was organized in 1870, but its roots stretch back to the General Baptists in England. This denomination is Arminian and practices open communion. Its churches are mainly in the Midwest of the United States.
The GARBC broke away from what was then the Northern Baptist Convention in 1933. Member churches are premillennial and subscribe to the five fundamentals.
Independent Baptists are those Baptist groups which reject, on principle, affiliation with any external governing organization such as Convention, Association or Fellowship. However, they may fellowship with churches of like faith and support missionaries sent forth by the authority of Independent churches and mission boards. Such churches govern themselves using the Bible as the only authority. A local church elects its own officials and votes which missionaries to support.
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Sites related to the oldest and largest African American Baptist denomination.
Sites pertaining to the North American Baptist Conference, a body which had its beginnings in 19th-century Pennsylvania among German immigrants, and which today has 400 member churches in the United States and Canada. The NABC is a member of the Baptist World Alliance.
Information on the Old Baptist Union, a small Union with churches in England, Wales, and the Netherlands. The OBU is a General Baptist body.
The Primitive Baptist movement claims primary descent from certain Baptist churches in Wales and in the Midlands of England; they primarily adhere to the Midland Confession of 1655 and the London Confession of 1644, and to the London Confession of 1689. This category includes both Old Line and Progressive Primitive Baptists.
Sites submitted should bear the name of "Primitive Baptist" and be in agreement with the Midland Confession of 1655, the London Baptist Confession of 1644, the London Baptist Confession of 1689, or a classical Primitive Baptist Articles of Faith declaring belief in the doctrine of election. Although not required, it is preferred that submitted sites have doctrinal beliefs posted. Sites submitted should not be a part of a convention or money-based mission society.
Reformed Baptists are Calvinistic in their theology and most embrace the Baptist Confession of 1689 as their doctrinal standard. They are distinct, however, from "Particular Baptists" and "Primitive Baptists."
Separate Baptists were a large denomination after the First Great Awakening. Most churches of the group merged with other Baptist groups in the 19th century. There are some associations of independent Baptist churches that carry on the Separate Baptist name.
Seventh Day Baptists are sabbatarians, that is, they believe that Saturday and not Sunday is the proper day for Christian worship. They impose no creedal test, and permit open communion.
A denomination which started in 1845 in Augusta, Georgia.
Baptist Churches of Wisconsin with a common doctrinal statement.