This category lists sites which contain free Christian graphics to be used in a computer applications such as a web page or other document. It also lists directories of such sites. It will not list a site just because it contains Christian graphics. For example, if the graphics are there to illustrate a poem, then the site should be classified under poetry not graphics. If the graphics illustrate art for sale, then the site should be classified under art or shopping, not graphics. Some sites offer graphics for use in web pages, and offer the same artwork for sale on mugs, t-shirts, and other items. As long as the graphics are also available for free computer use, the site can be listed here. Websites with original graphics are what is sought here. Not pages of graphics taken from other sites.
Submissions to this area should be sites with free original graphics which are Christian in nature.

Christian graphics for sale should be listed at Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Shopping.

Christian web designers with sites offering their services should submit to Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Businesses/Web_Services/Design.

This category is for sites which provide freeware Christian backgrounds for web pages. The graphics will generally be in jpg or gif format. Backgrounds which are designed to be used as wallpapers on desktops are listed in the Christianity/Graphics/Wallpapers category.
Please submit sites which offer graphics for sale to the Christianity/Shopping category.
Sites with free banners with a Christian message are listed here.
Please submit only sites which freely offer banners with a Christian message here.

Christians who design banners can list them at Computers: Graphics: Web: Banners.

Here we list Bible verses with images. The images may be photos or any type of visual art which enhances the message.
This category is for Christian graphics with holiday themes. There is a separate category for Christmas and another for Easter. Here you will find sites with graphics for several different holidays such as Thanksgiving, Valentine's, or Easter.
Sites with holiday graphics which are general in nature and not aimed specifically for a Christian audience will be better classed in Society: Holidays: Graphics or elsewhere.
This category is for religious (Christian) photography. It will include photographs on a religious theme for use as graphics. Photography for sale should be listed at Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Shopping/Fine_Art/.
This category is an aid for those searching for graphics that they may use.

Please do not submit personal homepages with photographs you do not wish used by others here. If the photographs are merely to illustrate your own website, then you should select another category in which to list it. Perhaps in Society/People/Personal_Homepages/

Wallpaper is the main picture that appears on the desktop of a computer monitor. The default size is usually 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels. Windows requires that the wallpaper be in bitmap format. This category is for sites which concentrate on wallpapers for computer desktops. Although other backgrounds may be used as wallpapers as well, these were designed with the computer desktop in mind.
Please submit only sites that have wallpaper for free download to this category.