This category is for ways in which Christians form communities, finding commonalities or bridging different cultural norms based on locale, ideology, theology, and age, central to Christian unity.
Please submit church web sites through the links in the most specific related church or denominational category.

Do not submit sites for

  • Obvious Church homepages not relating to "community"
  • Pure online "communities"
  • General Christian subjects
into this category; submit sites that are either culturally diverse, novel ideas about Christianity and community, as well as any sites about the promotion of certain values, methodology, and philosophy of Christians living in some form of community--spiritual or physical. Church sites can be submitted that are relating to Community in some way. Links to house churches or intentional communities should be submitted to the appropriate sub-categories.
House churches are small assemblies of Christian believers which, rather than meeting in larger traditional church buildings, assemble together in someone's home. A house church is also commonly known by the terms home church, house assembly, home assembly, organic church or simple church.
This category is for Christian house churches (also known as home church, house assembly, simple church, and organic church), as well as ministries that plant and support the Christian house church movement.

House church is not to be confused with cell church. Cell churches should not be submitted to this category. Cell church tends to be a number of small groups that often meet in homes, but are dependent upon a "mother" church that acts as overseer. Each group ministers through channels of formal authority from the parent church, often studying the same material and ministry pattern as seen in the parent church.

Christian Societies/Communities have developed over the years from that of the disciples to monasteries and now include various groups of people with a common mission. Each group's focus may differ widely from another. From regional outreach, purposes of political, spiritual, metaphysical or theoretical reasons.
Sites must be pertaining to intentional groups of Christian communities/societies.