Sites about early Christian writings.
Texts and information concerning the Apocryphal Acts: including the Acts of Peter, the Acts of Paul, the Acts of John, the Acts of Andrew, the Acts of Peter and the Twelve, the Acts of Thomas, and the Acts of the Martyr Habib.
This category is for apocryphal apocalypses: including the Apocalypse of Peter, the Apocalypse of Paul, the Vision of Paul, and other apocryphal apocalypses.
This category concerns all the gospels not included in the New Testament.
Please include only information and texts concerning the ancient non-canonical gospels.
These various writings come from the generation or two immediately following the apostles and other authors of New Testament books.
This category is only for sites related to those early Christian writings commonly known collectively as the Apostolic Fathers.
Although many of the later Councils of the Catholic church are not recognised by other churches, the first six are recognised by Anglicans as being authoritative and the first seven are recognised by the Orthodox church as being authoritative. These councils are:
  • Nicaea I (325)
  • Constantinople I (381)
  • Ephesus (431)
  • Chalcedon (451)
  • Constantinople II (553)
  • Constantinople III (680-681)
  • Nicaea II (787)
Please only submit sites that relate to these seven councils:
Nicaea I (325) - Constantinople I - (381) - Ephesus (431) - Chalcedon (451) - Constantinople II (553) - Constantinople III (680-681) - Nicaea II (787).
This category is for websites and pages related to any aspect of the life or works of the first great church historian outside the New Testament.
This category is for information and texts concerning Evagrius of Pontus, the fourth century monk.
The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of sayings or brief dialogues attributed to Jesus. It was compiled about 150 - 250 A. D. The only complete copy is a Coptic translation found in Egypt, although fragments of Greek texts are extant. As the earliest extant non-canonical document about Jesus, it commands considerable scholarly attention and public interest.
This category is for sites with information specifically about the ancient Gospel of Thomas, rediscovered in Egypt near Nag Hamadi in 1947.
This category is for collections primarily featuring songs, poems, or hymns from the early church.
Sites related to Pseudo-Dionysius, a 5th- or 6th-century author who wrote under the pseudonym of Dionysius the Areopagite.
Information and texts concerning pseudonymous epistles: including the Epistle of the Apostles, the Apocryphon of James, the Correspondence of Jesus and Agbar, the Apocryphon of John, the Epistle to the Laodiceans, the Correspondence of Paul and Seneca, the Letter of Peter to Philip, and the Acts of Pilate.


This category is for texts and information concerning the lost sayings gospel Q hypothesized to be a source behind the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Also relevant are sites that dispute the existence of Q.
This category contains information and texts concerning the Secret Gospel of Mark, the text which is quoted by Clement of Alexandria in a letter discovered by Morton Smith.
This category is for websites or pages related to any aspect of the life or works of this early African bishop.