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The American Standard Version of the Bible was first published in 1901 and is now in the public domain. This translation is officially called The Standard American Edition of the Revised Version of the Bible. The language of the ASV is a little old-fashioned, but not as formidable as the KJV. It is considered a very literal, accurate translation.

Category Description for Bible/Online/Early Versions

Early translations of the Bible before the modern era, that is, earlier than the Authorized Version (aka, King James Version, 1611).

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The King James Version of the Bible, also known as the Authorised Version, was first published in 1611 under the reign of King James I of England. It has been the most popular English translation of the Bible for centuries until the relatively recent development of various modern Bible versions. The New Testament was translated from the Textus Receptus, and the Old Testament was translated from the Masoretic Hebrew Text.

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To be accepted in this category a site must feature only the King James Version of the Bible online. If a site contains multiple versions of the Bible in addition to the King James Version, one category up would be a more appropriate place to submit to.

Sites with search and concordance are definitely welcome as long as they also contain the actual content of the KJV Bible in an accessible form (e.g. a site only featuring a Bible search engine and no continuous KJV Bible content should be submitted here instead).

Alternative formats such as downloadable plain text, PDF, streaming audio, and MP3 are welcome.

more information (editors only)

The Revised Standard Version is copyrighted by the National Council of Churches of Christ in America. The New Testament was released in 1946 and the Old Testament in 1952. Its purpose was to reflect changes in the English language since the release of the Authorized Version (King James Version of 1611). It also included information from the manuscript discoveries of the 19th century. It is related to the (British) Revised Version (1881-1885) and the American Standard Version (1901).

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The World English Bible (WEB) is a modern translation based on the American Standard Version (ASV), attempting to blend the goals of a literal translation and a dynamically equivalent translation. It is produced by Evangelicals from several denominations.
Sites devoted to the version of the Bible known as Young's Literal Translation. This translation was made by Robert Young. It first appeared in 1862, preceding the (British) Revised Version. The Revised Edition of Young's Literal Translation appeared in 1898. The YLT is in the public domain.