Sites about Christian authors.
Includes sites that contain information on books and series, as well as author biographies, on books written for Christian kids.
Christian authors whose works are 50 years old or older.
This category includes books set in contemporary time frames. Contemporary will be described as anything set in time past the year 1970 for the purposes of this category. This would not include books by inspirational romance authors as there is a separate category for them. It would include mysteries, short seasonal books, independent novels as well as series.
Example authors would include David Ryan Long, Gilbert Morris and his Danielle Ross Mysteries, Bette Nordberg, Sylvia Bambola, Beverly Lewis, etc.
This category contains authors whose works of literature are set in historical time periods. For this category purposes, time periods would be considered historical if they cover up to the year 1970. Anything past that date will be considered contemporary. This category contains authors' works that contain research into historical facts and are accurate representations of the time period displayed in the novel.
Inspirational Romance is a sub genre of Christian Fiction Literature. It is comprised of works of literature that have a romantic theme to them and have the theme of faith in God woven throughout the story. The books in this category contain no sexually explicit material found in general romance genres. This genre includes authors such as Staci Stallings, Robin Jones Gunn, Ruth Scofield, and many more.
Please submit sites that deal with Inspirational Romance Authors only. Authors of other genres should be submitted elsewhere. For example, a site on Brock and Bodie Thoene whose books deal with historical fiction should not be submitted in this particular category but should be submitted to the category on Christian Historical Fiction. A site on poetry should be submitted to the poetry subcategory. A site that exists to sell the books of these authors would be better submitted under a Shopping category.
This category includes all authors that have written non-fiction literature. Non-fiction is writing that is not created as a make-believe story. It is usually factual, instructional, or knowledge based rather than purely for enjoyment such as fictional works are.
This category includes all authors that have written non-fiction literature. This would include deceased as well as living authors dating as far back as we have copies of their work. This would include authors writing apologetics, Christian living, marriage, parenting, relationship building, small group manuals, sunday school materials, youth group materials, etc. until more specific sub categories are needed within this one.
Contains books or articles on authors in the Christian Science Fiction genre.
Be sure to check that your site belongs under Christianity:Arts:Literature:Authors: which means it must be Christian, part of Arts and Literature; and feature an author and his/her works of science fiction.