This category includes sites that relate to Christianity, Christ, the Bible, Christian lifestyle and the Church.
Apologetics (apologetics): (1) systematic argumentative discourse in defense (as of a doctrine); (2) a branch of theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity. ~1999 by Merriam-Webster, Inc. -- Christianity is worth thinking about. The word "apologetics" comes from the Greek word "apologia", which means, roughly, "a verbal defense, a speech in defense." Thus, the famous defense which Socrates gave of himself before the people of Athens is recorded in one of Plato's dialogues called "The Apology." The word "apologia" occurs in the Greek New Testament in the following passages: Acts 22:1 & 25:16; 1 Corinthians 9:3; 2 Corinthians 7:11; Philippians 1:7, 16; 2 Timothy 4:16; 1 Peter 3:15. Generally, apologetics is that discipline which seeks to provide a rational defense of the truth of a given system of belief. People who practice apologetics are called apologists or apologetes. Systems of belief as diverse as Christianity, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, and atheism can all have their own versions of apologetics. Christian apologetics, then, is that branch of Christian theology which seeks to provide a rational defense of the truth of the Christian faith. (adapted from THE APOLOGETICS LIST, found at
This category''s purpose is to defend the Christian faith. If your site is not PRIMARILY aimed at defending the Christian faith, please consider submitting it to some other subcategory under Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity.

Submit your personal testimony to either Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Christianity_for_Seekers/Testimonies or Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Personal_Pages/Testimonies.

If your site''s main purpose is selling books, tapes, videos and such, submit it to Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Shopping.

Art that is by Christians or is Christian in content.

The Bible is the book that Christians recognize as authoritative. It is divided into two parts - the Old Testament which tells of God's actions and promises before the time of Jesus, and the New Testament which tells how God sent Jesus as the Savior of the world and how the early church grew. Originally most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek.

This category contains online Bibles and sites about the Bible. It also includes Bible studies, reading plans, and reference works. Learn of the Bible's history and the canon, whether it be the Catholic, Protestant, or Common Bible.

This is a Christian category, and seeks to represent a wide spectrum of Christian viewpoints about the Bible.

Sites that are against the Bible are listed in the Opposing Views Category:


Online Christian books. This category is not for books for sale (which would be found in Christianity/Shopping/Booksellers ).
Please submit only those sites featuring Christian books which are: 1. Free ONLINE, — OR — 2. Free to DOWNLOAD If you are an author promoting your own Christian book for sale please submit to: Christianity/Shopping/Booksellers/Individual_Promotions General sites offering Christian books for sale should be submitted to Christianity/Shopping/Booksellers .
The Christianity: Broadcasting: category lists sites that represent television and radio broadcasting of Christian programming. The category is expressly for Christian Broadcasters. It is divided into Radio, Television and Internet sub-categories.
Please read carefully BEFORE submitting to this category!

Please submit to the following categories ONLY sites featuring ONLY Christian television and radio.

Radio is divided into Programs and Stations, divided by region.

Television is divided into Programs and Stations, divided by region.

Please submit to the Programs sub-categories ONLY sites featuring over the air Christian programs.

Please submit to the Stations sub-categories ONLY sites featuring over the air Christian stations.

Internet is for Internet broadcasting sites only. It is divided into Radio and Video subcategories, with Radio divided into Stations and Programs.

Sites that promote a Christian film or video for sale should be submitted to: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Shopping/Videos/

Sites that feature a Christian film or movie should be submitted to: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Arts/Movies/

Sites featuring evangelists should be submitted to: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Evangelism/Evangelists/, even if the evangelist might have a television ministry. The person comes before the ministry.

Sites criticizing evangelists should be submitted t:o Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Opposing_Views/Christianity/Evangelists/ .

Internet only streaming Christian video programing should be submitted to: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Broadcasting/Internet/Video/ .

This category lists web-sites of businesses whose products or services are wholly or majority focussed on a Christian market.
Please note that if your business sells products to the public online or over the telephone, you might consider if your site is better listed under Christianity:Shopping. Remember too that this category is for businesses targeting a Christian market. If your business is run or owned by Christians but your product or service is being sold to a secular market then please submit your site to the appropriate secular business category. We do not list sites which are simply affiliate sites for other businesses.
Sites for the religious (Christian) aspects of holidays. Sites which are not religious or which are focused on more social and commercial aspects of the holidays belong in the Society:Holidays category.
Please submit only sites about holy days. Events such as Christian conferences and seminars should be submitted to Christianity/Conferences_and_Events/.

Thank you.

Sites about Christian retreat centers and camps.
Only submit sites to this category that are for Christian camps and retreat centers. Sites about retreat centers that cater to people of all faiths should be submitted to Society: Religion and Spirituality: Interfaith: Retreat Centers. If you are submitting a site associated with a denomination, please check and see if that denomination has a category for camps and retreats, and submit your site there. If your site is not affiliated with any denomination, conference or association, please submit it to Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Camps and Retreats: Non-Denominational. Sites for Christian retreat centers which do not include camp ministries should be submitted to Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Camps and Retreats: Retreats.
An Internet forum is any web site medium that allows for the publicly viewable interactive exchange of ideas between two or more parties. Such exchanges include, but are not limited to, discussion, debate, fellowship, and question and answer. These mediums include bulletin boards, updated web pages, voice chat and live chat boards.
Bulletin board only sites should be submitted to Bulletin_Boards. Live chat instant message conversation sites only should be submitted to Chats. Pen Pal only sites should be submitted to Pen Pals. Christian sites dedicated to a single issue containing a bulletin board should submitted to Online Communities. Christian directories with boards and/or chats should be submitted to Directories.
This category is for sites about putting faith into action. It includes sites which give advice, offer counseling, or speak of morality. It also includes sites of encouragement and reflection. Sites here will encourage good Christian stewardship and service.

If your site is not specifically geared towards this topic, please submit to the proper category. Sites advertising books on devotions do *not* belong here... try Shopping: Publications: Books: Religion and Spirituality

Submitting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

Submission Tips:

  1. When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
  2. When writing your site''s description, please tell what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.
  3. Sites MUST be in English.
Thank-you for your cooperation.
This category contains links to sites about individual congregations and directories of congregations. Churches that belong to a particular denomination will be listed within that denomination's category. Sites about churches which do not belong to any denomination are listed here. The word "church" is used to describe both the structure which houses the act of public worship, and to the congregation of believers itself. This category focuses on congregations. Arts/Architecture/Building_Types/Religious/Christian focuses on the buildings.

If your church is a member of a particular denomination, do not submit it into this branch. Please identify the most appropriate category within the Denominations branch and submit it there. In addition, churches with a fixed physical location may submit their sites to the most appropriate Locality within the Regional hierarchy.

This category focuses on congregations. If your site focuses on a church building rather than a congregation then please submit it to Arts/Architecture/Building_Types/Religious/Christian or the appropriate subcategory there.

This category includes sites pertaining to the history of Christianity, including the development both of the faith and of the institution.
Please do not submit sites about the history of local churches here.
This category is for ways in which Christians form communities, finding commonalities or bridging different cultural norms based on locale, ideology, theology, and age, central to Christian unity.
Please submit church web sites through the links in the most specific related church or denominational category.

Do not submit sites for

  • Obvious Church homepages not relating to "community"
  • Pure online "communities"
  • General Christian subjects
into this category; submit sites that are either culturally diverse, novel ideas about Christianity and community, as well as any sites about the promotion of certain values, methodology, and philosophy of Christians living in some form of community--spiritual or physical. Church sites can be submitted that are relating to Community in some way. Links to house churches or intentional communities should be submitted to the appropriate sub-categories.
This category is for sites which help people to use computers in the service of Christ. It will include Christian graphics, software, web master resources, online communities, internet services, and web evangelism.
This category is for listing various sites for events and conferences for Christians.
If your Conference/Event is for a specific country or region only, please think about submitting your site to the respective "Regional" category.

Please make sure that in the description of the site, you state who the event/conference is for, where it is situated including city and country, and the date(s).

If the web site is about a Christian ministry that runs events rather than the events themselves, please submit to .../Christianity/Organizations/Ministries instead.

Within this category are listed organizational resources for communities of Christians of the various traditions. Listings are reserved for organized denominations. Single churches, or non-denominational churches, are found in the Churches category.
In general, sites should not be submitted at this level, doing so will only delay it being reviewed by an editor for possible inclusion in the directory. Please submit your site to its specific denomination category and locality.

Non-denominational or single churches (ie not part of a major denomination) should be submitted to a subcategory of Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Churches.

This category is for sites which contain directories of Christian websites of a general nature. Portals with directories and Forums with directories will also be found here.
Please do not submit sites for directories of particular denominations, ministries, or services here. Those types of directories should be submitted to the particular area.

For example a directory of Seventh Day Adventist sites should be submitted to: Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Denominations: Seventh-day Adventists: Web Link Collections.

Ecumenism refers to the movement among various Christian denominations encouraging improved church relations and promotion of common ministries.
This is a category for sites about Christian educational institutions including home schooling. It does not include Sunday Schools or other youth ministries of the church.
This category contains sites about non-denominational and ecumenical schools. It also links to categories about schools that belong to specific denominations.

Sites about a school or curriculum belonging to a particular denomination should be submitted to the category for that denomination.

Sites and ministries proclaiming the Gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Submit your site here in the top level (Christianity/Evangelism) only if it does not clearly fit into one of the subcategories.

Sites opposing Christian evangelism belong in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Opposing_Views/Christianity/Evangelists.

Here's a place where you'll find social issues publications, Christian activist organizations, and many more resources designed to equip today's Christian to "do what Jesus would do" and stand in the gap for Truth.
Primary focus on the central figure of the Christian religion, Jesus Christ: the person, his life, times, and works. Subcategories include "The Passion," "Art and Film," and "The Shroud of Turin." Links are provided to "Christology and the Trinity" and to a category on the Resurrection. The category called Jesus, in the Spiritual Personalities section, presents non-Christian perspectives. Finally, there is an link called "Opposing Views." This latter category contains sites that are critical of Jesus, his life, his claims, and the way that he has been understood by Christians.
This category describes individuals and organizations involved in reaching the world for Christ cross-culturally, and provides resources and information for those interested in missions.
Following these guidelines will help us to review your site suggestion more efficiently.

  • Submit your site using your main URL.
  • Use your site''s actual title.
  • Create a brief description, under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content).
  • Do not use first person verbiage (we, our, us).
  • Do not use marketing verbiage. (We''re the best!, Most awesome site, Check it Out!) Marketing verbiage will be removed by the editors.
  • Sites which are gateways or splash pages to affiliate sites will not be added.
  • All sites are reviewed periodically.
  • Sites in the directory are subject to changes in placement, description and possible removal from the directory, based on this review.

Submit sites to the appropriate sub category. This parent category is for sites containing alphabetical or classified lists of resources on the subject area of missions. (i.e., Directories)

This category lists sites primarily related to Christian music. Sites identified with a particular musical style or form of content may be found in appropriate sub-categories.
No sites are listed in the main category.

No individual bands, artists, groups, instrumentalists or any other kinds of performers are accepted to the main category. All are listed according to music style. Please select the appropriate subcategory for your site according to the style of music you perform or the content of your website.

News services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, and journals with a Christian focus or point of view.
Sites with a single principle writer will be referred to personal pages.
Nondenominational and interdenominational Christian organizations and associations.
This category is intended for para-church organizations and ministries that are not specific to another category. Do not submit churches, ministries, or denominational organizations. Denominational Churches should be submitted to their proper denomination found here: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Denominations Non-Denominational Churches should be submitted to their proper geographical location found here: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Churches
Resources for persons engaged in pastoral ministry.
Located here are sites of interest to all sorts of Christian people: Men, women, teens, kids, family, and Asian-American.
Please do *not* offer sites here which are individual family websites. Try Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Personal_Pages/Families

Only offer sites which are family-oriented organizations, ministries and family resource sites.

Offering a site to the wrong category will only delay an editor reviewing the site for possible inclusion in the directory.

We retain the right not to list a site in the directory.

This category is for Personal Home Pages which have a primary focus on Christianity. Sites by Christians which * do not * primarily focus on Christianity, should be submitted to the more general category:


There are also many great subject categories which may fit the content of your site. Refer to:


You are welcome to suggest sites for inclusion in personal pages.

You can suggest your own site or any interesting personal page appropriate for this category (Christianity/Personal Pages).

Sites should be submitted to the sub-category matching the first letter of your last name or screen name.

Is your site is ready now to be listed? It''s best to wait until a site is actually ready and working before suggesting it. Likewise, a few pages of interesting content are better than a dozen pages "under construction." Sites that are not ready will not be listed.

Need some tips on the mechanics of creating a great website? Checkout this category:


Here are some points to review before submitting:
• Does it have great content?
• No missing pages or graphics?
• No broken links?

Thanks for your suggestion!

Practices and customs in Christianity; traditional and innovative. All religions -- including Christianity -- undertake certain repeated behaviors that are conducive to a "spiritual" life. For Christianity, if this repeated behavior leads the person or group to the deity, it is a religious practice. Typically, one would consider meditation and prayer to be obvious practices of the religious life. Practices can also be much more varied. Many people have found that creative outlets like singing and painting can be an inspiring Christian practice that allows deep communication with the divinity. Other practices can seem mundane on the surface. One might make a spiritual practice of washing the dishes or flossing one's teeth! Happy practicing!
This category is for Christian sites about prayer. It includes meditation, prayer request pages, mysticism, and prayer organizations. The pages should have a general prayer focus.
Submission to this category requires a Christian site which promotes prayer. The site may contain pages not relating to prayer, as long as the focus of the site is prayer. A single prayer request page should be submitted to the Prayer Request Pages subcategory. It should be of fairly wide scope and not have requests for only a particular church or region.
The Christianity/Shopping category consists of retailers who sell General Christian merchandise - such as books, Bibles, music, church equipment, vestments, apparel, gifts, collectibles, fine quality figurines, jewelry, and other products intended specifically for the Christian market.
The Christianity/Shopping category is a listing of retailers who sell merchandise intended specifically for the Christian market.

Sites selling general retail merchandise should be submitted to a more appropriate Shopping category.

Please read the FAQ and make sure your site complies before you submit. It contains more information about the minimum design standards for site submission.