Based at Mount Hiei, Japan, the Tendai School as originally practiced in ancient China might appear drastically different from its modern, Japanese offspring. Traditionally, Chinese Tendai, or T'ien t'ai, consisted exclusively of Lotus Sutra Teachings which were the underpinning of the classic writings of Chih-i. When the Japanese Founder, Dengyo Daishi first arrived on Chinese shores in search of Tendai doctrines, the entire School was experiencing a revival thanks to the efforts of the 6th Chinese Patriarch, Chan-jan. Upon concluding his study in China, Dengyo Daishi returned to Japan to establish a much more eclectic Japanese Tendai; one infused with original Lotus Teachings, advanced meditative theories and even esoteric practices. It was not until years later that the esoteric practices, or Mikkyo, would be fully engendered within Tendai but the School itself had undergone a great degree of transformation from its original roots. This category houses temple, group, and individual sites that adhere to this faith and espouse these teachings.
Sites pertaining to Tendai and T''ien-t''ai specifically, as well as sites based on writings by Chih-i, T''ien-T''ai, Dengyo, and any patriarch of the Tendai School. Affiliates and adherents are naturally included in this list that should be submitted to this category.
Temples and groups by geographic location.