The main category for sites featuring general aspects of the Baha'i Faith which has its headquarters, the Universal House of Justice, situated on the slopes of Mt Carmel, Haifa, Israel. Besides representation with the United Nations as an NGO through the offices of the Baha'i International Community in New York, it is represented throughout the world by National Spiritual Assemblies in more than one hundred and eighty one countries, and by local Assemblies in thousands of local government areas. While presently numbering less than 7 million believers, this global span has led to it being listed as the second most widespread religion in the world by Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Sites featuring significant Baha'i buildings, Holy Places and Temples, and commentary and discussion on the development of a distinctive Baha'i style of architecture.
Sites featuring the work of individual enrolled Baha'i artists in all fields, and galleries and workshops sponsored by Baha'i institutions promoting the Arts.
The scholarly study of the history and Sacred Literature of the Bahá'i Faith through various Associations established specifically for that purpose.
Includes sites specialising in providing authoritative texts featuring either scripture or commentary by the principle figures of the Faith.
Listing sites representing Baha'i Communities throughout the world, by region or by country, and state.
This category includes directories and search engines specialising in Baha'i sites and subjects.
This category includes sites representing educational institutions administered by the Baha'i Faith and promoting Baha'i ethics and principles, eg. Summer Schools, Primary Schools, High Schools, Institutes, Centres of Learning, and Universities.
Includes sites providing general information about the Baha'i Faith, suitable for people seeking a broad understanding of the Baha'i Faith and its Principles, from authoritative and reliable sources.
Sites representing individual Baha'is enrolled with the Universal House of Justice
Includes sites specialising in Baha'i interpretations of prophesies from the scripture of the major world religions.