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Sacred art has existed for millenia, from the first stone figures adoring the goddess Venus to any of the thousands of holy images of Kali, Tara, and Mary world wide. This category will serve to hold links to all art, organizations, and websites devoted to art that is sacred. "as above, so below, as below, so above". If you use these resources for profit, on any kind of publication or website; please respect any copyrights and ownerships of the artwork. Get permission before you "borrow". Also: please remember to link back to give credit to those whose artwork you may use.
Please submit only pages whose theme is sacred geometry. This is not a commercial category, products should be submitted to Shopping categories.
This category lists web pages that offer information on sacred geometry observations. Sacred geometry is the observation of geometric forms in relation to sacred terms where sacred terms might be resolved as sacred measures. Sacred geometry can be observed through sacred architecture, fine art, music, and literary works such as Saint Teresa of Avila's "Interior Castle". It is about the playing of harmony among things created.
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