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Web sites and page providing services and information regarding wedding attire and beauty. There are many related categories within ODP that most likely will be a better choice for your submission. Only web sites and pages that deal exclusively to wedding attire and beauty and do not fit better in other categories will be considered.
Web sites and pages providing information on bridal shows.
Web sites and pages providing information and services specific to a place to conduct a wedding ceremony. Web sites and pages which feature specific officiant services and little location information should be submitted to and/or will be moved to: Society/Relationships/Weddings/Ceremony/Officiants/
Sites submitted to this category should include ones with useful information specific to the ceremony officiant.

Officiant''s web sites, if accepted, will be listed in the appropriate regional sub-category. Officiant''s that cover multiple regions will be listed in the regional sub-category in which their business is located. The description of the web site should include the regional area serviced.

Web sites and pages containing wedding ceremony related information. Only ceremony specific related web sites and pages will be approved for this category. Please make sure you review the entire Society/Relationships/Weddings/ category, and other related categories, before submitting to this category.
Please submit only completed (not "under construction") sites dealing with general information about professional wedding consultants and coordinators.

Wedding consultants and coordinators should submit their websites to the appropriate Regional subcategory.

Professional organizations that primarily service wedding consultants and coordinators should submit to Society/Relationships/Weddings/Consultants_and_Coordinators/Professional_Associations.

Directories, guides, and shopping sites should submit to the appropriate category.

Wedding consultants and coordinators are individuals or firms who assist marrying couples in various aspects of wedding planning, especially budget-setting, etiquette, selection of vendors and sites, and day-of coordination. This category is dedicated to websites for general information about these types of individuals or firms. Coordinator web sites, if accepted, will be listed in the appropriate regional sub-category. Those that cover multiple regions will be listed in the regional sub-category in which their business is located. The description of the web site should include the regional area serviced.
Commercial and non-commercial web sites and pages devoted to destination weddings. Review the many sub-categories of Society/Relationships/Weddings before submitting to this category as your submission will only be considered if your web site deals specifically with destination weddings.
Submissions will not be accepted in this category.

Informational sites that consist primarily of planning details for bouquets and decor should be submitted to Society/Relationships/Weddings/Help_and_Advice/Flowers.

Those that focus primarily on the services of local florists that specialize in wedding flowers should be submitted to the most appropriate category in the Regional branch based on locality.

They may also be submitted to one of the following:

Flowers and botanical materials such as herbs and foliages have a rich tradition of being used in marriage celebrations dating back thousands of years. They are often chosen based on such characteristics as color, fragrance, symbolic meaning, and/or seasonal availability.

This is not a category for wedding venues or services. If you submit a site for a venue or service in this category, you may delay your listing.

Do not submit

  • Reception halls or venues
  • Churches, parks, or wedding venues
  • Gift registries
  • Bands, DJs, or other entertainers
  • Formal wear vendors
  • Photographers or portrait artists
  • Caterers
  • Limousines, horse-drawn carriages, or any other transportation
  • Any other site which is not a directory, portal, or guide which links to or provides information about a wide variety of wedding resources
Browse to the most specific category in which your site belongs and submit there. If the site has a regional focus, also consider submitting it to the most specific category under the Regional branch.
General weddings sites, e-zines and non-regional online or print directories and guides.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Site or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

Web sites and pages that offer help and advice in all areas pertaining to weddings. Please find the most appropriate sub-category for submission. Commercial web site submissions will be accepted only if content is determined to be truly objective assistance.
Web site and pages providing information regarding wedding humor and jokes. Only sites providing a wedding resource for web surfers will be accepted into this category. Commercial web sites will most likely not get accepted unless they provide sufficient content to be deemed appropriate.
Companies and resources aiding in the preserving of the memories of the wedding.
This category is for sites and pages that are about wedding music. This includes recommended ceremony and reception songs, statistics about wedding music, and wedding related sound files.
Please enter your description as follows

mmmm dd, yyyy - location. Brief description.

Where "mmmm dd, yyyy" is your wedding date and "location" is the location of your ceremony.

Please submit to the most specific subcategory you can.

Sites listed include personal wedding details as well as information useful to other brides and grooms. Wedding sites must offer original and useful content. Commercial web site services will only be accepted to the category Society: Relationships: Weddings: Website Services.
Please do not submit websites for professional photography services to this category. These sites are listed under Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Photography/Photographers/Wedding_and_Events/.
Webpages of use to couples in planning the photography details of their wedding. Includes pages on selecting a wedding photographer, special techniques to consider, the pros and cons of various choices and options, shot lists, and other advice and ideas.
Companies and resources providing specific information regarding proposals and engagements. Please make sure this is the most appropriate category for your submission.
Companies and resources providing information or products specific to wedding showers and parties.
Sites devoted to theme weddings and information about different weddings.
Please submit only sites for wedding chapels and facilities specifically meant for weddings. All-purpose reception centers, hotels, and similar facilities should not be listed here.
This category contains sites for wedding chapels and similar facilities.
Please submit only sites for specialized wedding web site design services here. More general services should be submitted to a more general category, perhaps one at Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Designers.
Companies that specialize in web site design services for weddings and engagements.
Only webrings with personal wedding websites will be listed in the category. Vendor rings not permitted.
This category is for wedding webrings. Only webrings with personal wedding websites will be listed in the category.
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