Sites that have a multitude of various dating sites listed and described. Most directory sites are many pages long and generally separate the sites listed into various categories. Sites should include the ability for webmasters to submit dating sites to the directory. Some of these sites may have links to other things also related to internet dating.

IMPORTANT: This category is not for dating sites! Only sites that offer a directory of dating sites will be considered for inclusion.

The following will result in your site being rejected:

  • Excessive affiliate links
  • Adult content or links to adult content

We don''t list affiliate sites or co-branded sites.
It does the surfer no service to list hundreds of sites which all go to the same dating service and database of members. We will only list the actual home page of these sites.

These affiliate sites include, but are not limited to; One and Only, Friend Finders,
IwantU,,, Four * Personals, Foreign Affair, Meet Market,
Singles on Line, Adult Friend Finders, Heart of Asia, Just Say Hi, Match On Line, Fantasy Match, and Sexy Ads.