Fascism is essentially characterized by three themes (in various forms and proportions): ethnic particularism (national or racial), combined with some sort of radical economic "third way" opposed to both Marxist socialism and free-market capitalism, and a revolutionary, anti-democratic political program.
German fascism (the NSDAP -- National Socialist German Workers Party, Nazi Party for short) and non-German movements imitating it.
Magazines, journals and newspapers that are published by a fascist group or supporters of a fascistic tendency.
This category contains sites that are generally opposed to Fascism, National Socialism, or kindred ideologies. Other ideas that are related to, or associated with, fascism may be opposed on some of these sites. While sites with positions opposed to related topics are generally allowed, they must be predominantly opposed to fascism.
Fascist intellectuals and political leaders.
Sites referring to the "International Third Position" an attempt to reenergize the fascist movement by incorporating elements of leftist language and symbolism.