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Do we need Quantum Mechanics to explain brain? Is brain needed to 'collapse the Wave Function'? Includes philosophical aspects of Quantum Gravity, Unified Theories and role of Conscious Observer and intelligence in Quantum Mechanics.
Physical theories should go into physics or alternative physics; this category is only for organized, readable essays on impact of the physics on popular culture and quest for personal understanding of the world and natural philosophy.

Included may be description, analysis and satire of popular misconceptions (such as the ''Improbability Drive'' in the Hitchiker''s Guide to Galaxy) and Urban Legends related to Physics.

Popular beliefs inspired by, or seeking justifications in the abstract theories of physics. For example essays on relation of relativism and relativity, or essays seeking to connect philosophical monism or mystical state of 'being one with universe' and Unified Field theories.
The technical and mathematical papers could be submited to science/physics/interpreations of QM. This category is for discussion of the Bell theorem, which seems to imply that Reality and Locality are not compatible postulates. Papers, popular exposes, defining and explaining all these terms are welcome.

See also @links (e.g. metaphysics and folklor) for sites which are not dealing with philosphical implications of these physics issues.

Question of Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, starting with Einstein-Bohr dialog, paradoxes, EPR, hidden parameter theories and leading to the Bell Theorem continue to generate new ideas controversies.
Submitted sites may contain intuitive, unproven and controversial thoughts and insights. There is no peer review and no endorsement, required or implied. This is the category for BrainStorming about the future of physics. However, this is not replacement for usenet newsgroup or for ...alt-physics or ...philosophy/metaphysics categories. The authors should understand current theories and the writing should be lucid and have some connection to experiments, current or future.
This category is reserved for web pages which may contain seeds of the future theories, new insights which will provide escapes from the current paradigm, as defined in subcategory: .../Philosophy_of_Physics/Quantum_Reality and non-locality The Bell theorem is a no-go theorem, saying that counterintuitive implications of the Quantum Mechanics cannot be fixed. But physics is not a branch of mathematics and any mathematical proof is subject to interpretation and search for hidden assumptions...
The time reversal and Arrow of Time, causality including paradoxes of the Statistical Mechanics and evolution of Complex Systems - Mimetics. Effect of scale on the symmetry of time. Boltzman-Loschmidt controversy :Can the irreversible Thermodynamics be derived from reversible Mechanics? Interaction of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity: Is there a Time's Arrow on microscopic, quantum level? Noosphere: If time has an arrow, does that arrow has a point?
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