Bioethics is the study and evaluation of medicine and health care with regards to moral norms and obligations. Accordingly, bioethics involves highlighting various places in medical research or health care that pose ethical problems, and striving to resolve in favor of one course of action over another on the basis that it is morally right or justified.
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Animal Rights, a term introduced by Tom Regan, is the idea that we have some sorts of moral obligations towards animals. So for example, pigs should not be kept in cages to satisfy our taste buds. One very good introduction to A.R. is the Animal Rights FAQ, to be found in the Frequently Asked Questions subcategory. One doesn't, of course, have to agree with theories of natural rights to support the basic idea of animal rights on a practical level, just as utilitarians can support various human rights like the right to freedom from torture - although "animal liberation" is a preferred term for some utilitarians e.g. Peter Singer.
Includes sites dedicated to providing medical cases involving ethical dilemmas and sometimes commentary on cases.
These sites have a larger emphasis on the ethical discussion of cloning and related technologies.
Eugenics is the science which focuses its attention on producing better human beings through selective breeding and conscious evolution. It was coined by the eminent British scientist and scholar Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911). Eugenics is also a philosophy which purports that by applying science and guidance to human reproduction a more noble human race and a higher civilization can be produced. Web sites which promote or pontificate the idea or means of applying science, reason and rationality towards consciously directing biological human evolution. Whether it be through selective breeding or through genetic engineering the goal is the same; to bring humanity closer to the idea of godhood.
Please be sure that the website you are posting are of relevance and quality information.
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