Applied ethics deals with concrete moral issues like abortion and euthanasia. Many of these are also tackled in Society: Issues, and this category is intended, unsurprisingly, for more philosophical debates and writings than you will find under Society: Issues.
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Bioethics is the study and evaluation of medicine and health care with regards to moral norms and obligations. Accordingly, bioethics involves highlighting various places in medical research or health care that pose ethical problems, and striving to resolve in favor of one course of action over another on the basis that it is morally right or justified.
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Associations and societies devoted to applied ethics in general froma philosophical approach.
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Suggested ethical reasons for going vegetarian or vegan, and criticisms thereof. Again, this overlaps greatly with Society: Lifestyle Choices: Vegetarianism and Society: Lifestyle Choices: Veganism.
Weblogs devoted to applied ethics from a philosophical approach.
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