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Indian theory of taste, rasa-vada, theory of dance and music. Contemporary philosophy of arts and culture.
Indian theories of Man and Cosmos.
Sites that are dealing with Indian epistemology should be listed here, for instance, sites or resources on the instruments of cognition from a general point of view.
Indian Theory of knowlegde, presentationism and representationism, pramana-vada, truth and validity (pramanya).
Indian theory of inference, both Hindu and Buddhist. Jaina syadvada and anekanta logic is also included here.
Sites that are dealing with Indian categoriology should be listed here, for instance, sites or resources on the comprehension of Time in the history of Indian philosophy. If the site is dedicated to the Time representations in one particular school only, then it should be listed under that particular school.
Categories (tattvas) and their different classifications in Indian philosophy.
Indian theory and phenomenology of perception, feelings and emotions, motivation and analysis of sense data.
The philosophy of Jaimini and Sabara, Gaudpada, Sankara, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, and Madhva. Philosophical ideas in the Vedas and Upanisads.
Individual schools of Indian philosophy, both astika and nastika, othodox and unorthodox.
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