Foundations and similar nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is making charitable grants to organizations or individuals. This category also includes sites for associations of grant-making foundations, and for resources for such foundations, such as consulting services in evaluating grant applications.
If possible, please submit your site to a single subcategory for a specific program area or geographic region where the foundation makes grants.

Operating foundations and similar nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is operating programs or conducting research should not be submitted here. Nor should sites about writing grant applications or other fundraising approaches.

Please submit only sites in English. Sites in other languages should be submitted under World.

Making grants concerned with animal welfare and the humane treatment of animals.
Organizations making grants concerned with biodiversity, habitat conservation, protection of endangered species, and such should be submitted to Grant-Making_Foundations/Environmental
Grant-making foundations organized by the geographic region where they make grants.
If the foundation has a principle subject area focus, please submit under that subcategory.

Note that community foundations are listed under Community Foundations.
Making grants to organizations serving children in a variety of program and geographic areas.
In its general charitable purposes, a community foundation is much like a private foundation. It typically makes grants in a variety of program areas, such as education, health, human needs, and arts, in a limited geographic area.

A community foundation's funds, however, are derived from many donors rather than a single source, as is usually the case with private foundations.

Further, community foundations are usually classified under the tax code as public charities and therefore are subject to different rules and regulations than those which govern private foundations. See for some additional descriptions.
If the foundation focuses on a particular geographic community or region, but is NOT a community foundation according to the category description, please submit it under Grant-Making_Foundations/By_Region.
Associated with a corporation, funded by the corporation and/or its employees, and making grants in a variety of program areas.
In your description, please describe the foundation''s activities, not the corporation''s.

If the foundation makes grants only in a specific program area, such as animal welfare or medicine, please submit the site to that category. Foundations funded by employee contributions from multiple unrelated corporations are not included here. They may be submitted under a Regional category, or in the toplevel Grant-Making Foundations category.

Generally, deeplinks of corporation sites will not be listed.

Grant Making Foundations for education may provide grants for:
  • people pursuing education other than undergraduate or post-graduate higher ed
  • support of educational institutions
  • development of educational programs
Scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other funding for individuals for higher education (undergraduate and post-graduate) should be submitted under Reference/Education/Colleges_and_Universities/Financial_Aid.

Foundations which only support a local school or school district should be submitted under Regional, to the locality where the school or district is located.
Sites which are wholly or primarily directories of foundations which make grants in a range of issue areas.
Please submit directories of grant-making foundations working in a particular issue area to the subcategory for that issue.
The Open Society Institute (OSI) is a private operating and grantmaking foundation based in New York City that serves as the hub of the Soros foundations network, a group of autonomous foundations and organizations in more than 50 countries. OSI and the network implement a range of initiatives that aim to promote open societies by shaping government policy and supporting education, media, public health, and human and women's rights, as well as social, legal, and economic reform. To diminish and prevent the negative consequences of globalization, OSI seeks to foster global open society by increasing collaboration with other nongovernmental organizations, governments, and international institutions.
Please submit only English-language sites here. Sites in other languages should be submitted under World. Bilingual sites may be submitted here and under their other language.

English-language sites may also be submitted under Regional.

Membership associations of foundations and other organizations, who make grants in a variety of issue areas.
Please submit sites for associations of grant-makers working in a particular issue area to the subcategory for the issue.
Grantmaking foundations whose primary focus is relations between people or groups of different races, ethnicities, and/or religions.
Please be sure your description includes the foundation''s grantmaking focus.

Foundations whose granting focus or limit is individuals or groups of a particular race or ethnicity should not be submitted to this category. They may fit under By Region, or in the general grant-making category. Foundations whose granting focus is a particular religion should typically be submitted under that religion in Religion and Spirituality.

Includes sites for organizations funding athletes, athletic events, and athletic facilities.
Making grants to individual women, groups of women, or groups working on a broad range of issues specific to women.
Sites about women as donors or philanthropists should be submitted under Society/People/Women/Philanthropy.

Please include any geographic limit or issue area focus in the description.