Resources for women, about women, and most often provided by women. Women in business, women's groups, clubs and societies, women who want to chat, women's email lists and magazines, women's spirituality and issues and culture are found here. Also resources for wives, mothers, widows and every woman in between.
This category is for sites about women and women''s issues. It does not include porn. Submit news and lifestyle portals, and sites that don''t fit in any subcategory.

Personal homepages of women will not be listed here, and should be submitted to the appropriate letter category in Society/People/Personal_Homepages. Note that some identity groups (listed at the top of this category) have Personal_Pages categories, which may also be appropriate for such pages.

Sites primarily offering products for sale will not be listed here, and should be submitted to the most appropriate category in Shopping, subject to normal submission guidelines.

Sites containing pornography and other adult material will not be listed here. Submit sites to the most appropriate category in Adult.

Sites about Arts and Entertainment created by or principally for Women.
Personal pages from women artists should not be submitted here but to Society: People: Personal Pages
Women in industry, professional women, women business owners, and careers for women. Includes organizations, resources, and support.
This category is for sites about women and their role in various cultures.
This category pertains to WOMEN''S pages that share the cumulative habits, beliefs, ethnicity or experiences of a social, political or hereditary group.
The sites here do not have a lot of content of their own. Instead they have done their own web searching and found a lot of sites for women and women related interests. This category is for directories of links for women.
Link directories of sites for women.
Sites about feminism and feminists.
This category is for links that describe the role of women in society and history.
Issues affecting women. This includes domestic violence, reproductive health, body image, pornography and discrimination.
Newspapers, ezines and magazines for women and about women.
For the personal, casual and assorted general networks, web rings, blogs and communities created by and for women on the Internet.
Women's groups and organizations.
Most sites should go in a subcategory. Try to find one that matches your group''s affiliation or subject area.
Broadly defined, philanthropy is goodwill to humankind as demonstrated by the readiness to promote human welfare. An overview of the women's sector of philanthopy, including guides, directories, organizations, and methods of giving.
This category is for sites about women in elected office and political parties. It is not for political issues such as anti-discrimination laws; those sites belong under "issues".
Sites which encourage women's participation in recreation and sports taking into account their particular needs and concerns.
A collection of categories relating to women in certain parts of the world.
Resources for and about women that focus on women's spirituality and the role of women in religion in an academic, supportive, informative or inspirational manner.
Please submit only web sites that discuss women''s spirituality and the role of women in religion in an academic, supportive, informative or inspirational manner.

Please do not submit URLs for personal home pages, shopping sites, or individual ministries. As well, please do not submit sites regarding women of a particular religion. Submit the sites to a category within that religion''s category.

This category will provide information on sites covering various aspects of women and science/technology, including links to technical and professional organizations geared to women and support groups for women in the sciences and technology.
Technical and professional organizations geared toward women in the sciences and technology.
Sites about women living single, facing life and all its challenges on her own. Women who are single by choice, husband free.
Specialty groups who gather (online or offline) to offer support, advice and encouragement regarding issues facing women. Sites should be listed in a relevant topical or issues category before being listed here.
Information, resources and clubs for women who travel. Not listing destinations, tour groups, tour operators, travel agents, etc.
For wives and second wives, support and resources.
For wives and second wives, support and resources.

(Please note that this is the wrong category for dating services or "mail-order brides". )

Women fighting discrimination.
Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that critically examines women's roles, achievements, and experiences, both historically and cross-culturally. Women's Studies brings to light valuable information about women in the family, at work, in the arts, in politics, and in the sciences--information that traditional scholarship has overlooked. Women's Studies explores the relationship between cultural definitions of feminine behavior and the realities of women's lives. It considers the ways class, race, ethnicity, and age shape the female experience. Women's Studies examines the ways in which gender -- our notions of masculinity and femininity -- is socially and culturally constructed rather than determined by biology alone. Uniting all Women's Studies inquiry is the effort to understand and explain the inequality between men and women and to envision change. The discipline began as an academic field in the 1970s with connections to popular feminist movements in the 1960s.