Anthropomorphized animal characters in art and fiction and their fans.
Please only submit sites that have Furry material. If the site includes adult artwork or writing, please submit it to the furry Adult arts section.


Websites related to furry artwork.
Please only submit sites that have or cover furry (anthropomorphic animal) art. If the site includes adult artwork, please submit it to the appropriate subcategory of the Adult section. If the site only covers the work of an individual or very small group of friends, and does not include a comic, submit it to Personal Pages instead.
For furry-themed chat sites.
Furry conventions are gatherings in which furry fans can meet other fans, peruse merchandise, take part in special interest activities, etc.
Web sites for conventions which are entirely furry-themed or which have a strong furry emphasis may be submitted here.
Sites related to costuming as anthropomorphic animals.
Publications for furry fans.
Submit sites for specifically furry-themed zines (both online and paper) here.
Organizations representing various interests within the furry fandom.
Please submit sites relating to furry organizations here, except those which relate to specific regions -- those should go to Society/People/Furry/Regional_Interest.
The personal works of individuals within the area of furry fandom.
This category is for pages of interest to furry fans from specific regions.
Submissions to this category should be devoted to a certain geographical region.
General-audience social networking sites dedicated to members of furry fandom.
Specify distinctive features of the site or its target audience in the description. General furry forums or chat rooms that appeal to furries should be placed under Chats and Forums or a more specific subcategory.
For furry-themed web rings.
Submit information pages about furry-themed web rings here.
Sites devoted to furry-based literature.
Sites mainly featuring the works of individuals, published by that individual, should be submitted to Furry/Personal Pages instead.